Sunday, November 23, 2008

I Wanna Be Free to Know the Things I Do Are Right

My favorite bartender S. giving us a flash. After I harped him into it.

So, hey. What do you know? This weekend was almost perfect. All except for the part where I'm still broke, but luckily I live here where everything is cheap and most of the people are generous.

On Friday night, I stayed home like I said. I got some drunk texts from guys at the Dublin. Apparently, it was one of the bartenders birthday and they were trying to get people to come down to play. There was no way in hell I was going to leave my couch, except to transport Stinky and her friend to their social event and back.

I had tons of alone time on Saturday afternoon. Stinky had basketball practice and then she went to a friend's house for most of the day. I did very little of anything. I ran outside and even though it was cold, I came back so much happier than when I left.

On Saturday evening, I dropped Stinky off at another friend's house to play cards and spend the night. I made it to my the mojito party a little later than I wanted, but then I usually do. It was fun and much like what I expected. My friend Sara made some very strong but very kick-ass drinks. I didn't have a mint julep, and I only had one mojito, but as I've said many times before, I don't have much tolerance, so even one drink got me loopy. I talked to a couple of professors that I knew. One was a film production instructor and her husband taught photography classes.

G. had called me before I left to tell me that she and D. were heading to the Dublin. I told her I'd sneak down for a drink in between my two other things. It was pretty slow, since most of the students have already left for the holiday. The people who were there were great. At one point I tried to badger my favorite bartender into flashing us his undershirt. For some reason, he was being all coy, so I said, "Just shut-up and do it, bitch." And then he obliged. Instantly, some woman approached us about joining the new roller derby team they were starting in Iowa City. G. and I thought it was hilarious. I said, you're just asking us because we're loud, tough bitches. She basically said, duh.

Sam bending Ed's ear for a tick.

I finally made it to the thing at The Mill. It was nice acoustic music and a lot of people I knew. After about an hour, I was more than ready to go. The Mojito was still kicking my ass. Luckily, one of the guys who goes to Supper Club was there and drove me and K. and her boyfriend A. home.

Today was so wonderful. Originally, I thought I'd spend most of the day cleaning in preparation for my sibings visit on Saturday. But then Coadster came home, and I picked up Stinky. The weather was amazing, so I ran my six mile route and when I got back, both of the girls were saying how they would love to see the movie Twilight. I realized that it was the first day in forever that the three of us were all home together. So, even though my house needed to be cleaned and I don't exactly have a ton of extra money, I said fuck it, and we went. I figured the mess would still be there when we got back, and we all needed a fun, relaxing day together. Damned if I wasn't right. We got back and the mess was there waiting for us, right where we left it.

I decided to do this new thing this week. I'm going to clean for an hour a day and see what gets done. I'll have all day Friday to finish it all up. I'll let you know how it worked.


Susan said...

I was wondering how much of this week you'd have to work. My house needs cleaned so bad but this cold won't let go of me long enough for me to find the will to move, yet alone clean.

NoRegrets said...

And so how was the movie? I'm so happy to be home for a day. I worked out, took a nap, and my realtor came by to finally give me my 'closing present'.

BTW, my friend visiting is from Iowa City - I think you two would get along. She's 42, has two young kids, and a hoot. Not like you are a hoot - different, but really you'd get along. She works in the University. Bonnie Kinkead.

Dexter said...

I would say they were slightly tipsy texts...

laura b. said...

It's nice that you got alone time, grown up time, and family time!

I am getting very mixed reviews of Twilight. Did you guys like it?

I always like the idea of breaking down projects into managable pieces. And, you know, your family just wants to see you...they don't care so much about your house :-)

Poptart said...

yes, how was the movie? my computer died so now I can only sneak reads at work, but it's good to hear that you had such a great weekend!

Churlita said...


I'm done after Wednesday. But I'd love one extra day to get stuff done. I hope you shake that cold soon.


I don't think I've ever heard of her, but she's close to my age, and it's hard to meet people in their 40's in this town.


You described Scooter as being giggly. I figured you both had to be a little more than slightly tipsy for that to happen.


I liked the movie, but never read the books. Stinky devoured all the books and was a little disappointed by the movie. I don't know it that helps at all.


I'm so sad to hear about your computer. Is it fixable.

Remiman said...

My dad used to say: " work? Nah, it doesn't bother me at all. I can sit and look at it all day."rel

NoRegrets said...

Well, you'll have to look her up, because I don't know your real name and can't send her to you.

another good thing said...

so how did you like the movie?
glad you went regardless of the mess.