Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Straight Line Exists Between Me and the Good Things

Here is a picture of a goofy statue from the casino the other night.

So, the weather here today totally sucked ass. It went from almost 60 degrees yesterday to below zero and 60 mph winds today. Seriously, why the hell would anyone ever choose to live in Iowa? I think the reason most of us are so boring here is that we can't compete with the weather and we just stop trying.

Okay, enough about the weather, let's talk about me. 'Kay? 'Kay. I have two more days before I drive down to St Louis to see Erik (weather permitting - yeah, that again). I am very excited and I'm trying to get everything ready and packed beforehand so as to reduce the opportunities for me to seem like the country mouse visiting her kissin' cousin in the big city. I don't want to go and forget to bring pants or anything...I suppose it will be the weekend before Mardi Gras, so people may not notice anyway.

The one thing I discovered when I was trying to pack, was the number of cords and chargers I have to bring now. A few years ago, I didn't have one, now I have a charger for my iPod, my phone and my camera. Let's do a little experiment shall we? Wanna guess how many I leave behind when I come back home?

That's about all I got for you tonight. Maybe tomorrow I'll rob a bank or go to a key party so I actually have something interesting to blog about besides the weather.


jeci said...

If it makes you feel any better about the weather, it's currently -50C (that's -58F) in my hometown of Millet, Alberta. Gah! (I'm not there, thankfully.) But my parents have been stranded on the farm for two days! Vehicles simply don't GO in that weather. All the same, I sure hope the weather perks up for you. :)

Remiman said...

If it wasn't for the weather we'd never start a conversation with a stranger on the elevator. Also, our vocal cords would atrophy and we'd be reduced to grunts and groans. ;)
Your wind is forcast to come our way. :(

evil-e said...

Something about four letter states that begin and end with vowels....almost 60 here last night and near zero wind chills now. Got to love the winter!!

Your line about forgetting pants brings to mind a Homerism...."Marge, where's my pants?" "Homer, you threw them out the window and said you would never need them again."

dmarks said...

I saw that picture and, sorry to say, the first thing that came to mind was "Look! That must be Goldie Hawn!".

In Germany I saw a gold statue of a guy... but it was actually a street performer expecting money.

Tara said...

I forgot my phone charger when we went to Canada. Could've used that thing.

We had the same type of weather, the winds were fierce last night, and the DJs on the radio station were playing the flying witch theme from "Wizard of Oz" this morning.

Have a wonderful time in St. Louis with Erik!

Anonymous said...

I always lose my cords. Except my iPod one. That one sticks out :)

Not Fainthearted said...

-35 to -45 wind chill this morning. I'm working from home...so that I can drive my children to school. *sigh*

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

I use an old Lancome "free gift with purchase" hot pink make up bag to keep all of my cords together. Then I keep the hot pink bag where I can see it so when I pack to go home I remember to put all my cords back together. Then again I'm usually not dealing with the added distraction of a weekend with my hot, long distance love man.

DJSassafrass said...

Ah Mardi Gras! You'll have to tell me what you think. I had enough of it after one go round. But, when you live on the party street and you've partied all week and drunk people you don't know are still trying to get in your house when you are trying to sleep off your week long drunk...yeah, that gets annoying.
I'll email some places that you should be sure to try!

fringes said...

I like lady who doesn't lunch's idea. Keep up with that iPod charger. Expensive to replace!

Have fun, girl...

booda baby said...

I'm so excited about tomorrow's post. Today's post. We've now had many MANY talks with many MANY friends and family in Iowa, Wis. and Mn. and, frankly, we're out of things to say to express our sympathy and still not get too close, in case it's catching.

laura b. said...

All you Iowans can come stay with me until the worst passes. Yeah, most of you will be sleeping on the floor and you're gonna have to contribute for groceries, but I'm happy to help. Don't forget pants and chargers!

AlienCG said...

May the weather cooperate with you and may you remember your pants.

I did forget my pants on a trip, but it wasn't as bad as it sounds. I forgot my regular, everyday jeans, but I did have my less attractive work jeans.

MrManuel said...

I'm guessing if you are going to see Erik, you don't need pants!

Churlita said...


That's kind of ungodly. I feel for your parents.


When it's this cold, I'm kind of reduced to grunts and groans anyway.


It might be kind of nice not to ever wear pants again. Although, I don't like the thought of scaring people.


You're right. She does look like Goldie Hawn.


I just hope I remember to bring them all there.


You can't do without your iPod cord...At least I can't.


I know. I had to walk to work and I thought my face was going to freeze off.


You are a genius. You should seriously write a travel hints book.


I don't think Erik lives in the thick of it. We'll be able to leave whenever we want. Thanks for the email.


I will. Thanks.

Booda Baby,

I don't think it will be contagious all the way to California.


Thanks. You're the best.


Must remember pants. Must remember pants. Must remember pants...

Mr Manuel,

I'm sure he would make it a "no pants required" weekend.