Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I Never Did Anything Out of the Blue

Here is my aunt's Mastiff all tuckered out on Christmas Eve.

So, kids. Let me just tell you how exhausted I am. it's been kind of a long day and I haven't been sleeping the best and now I'm all sleep deprived and stoooopid. What that means for all y'all, is that this will be a refreshingly short post.

The most exciting thing I did today was to drive myself and my friends to the rec building to work out and get in a little girl talk. We also talked about how K.'s neighbor, who is this kick-ass master organic gardener guy, said he wanted to be part of our garden crew and T. said she might be in as well. I'm excited already and we have how many months until we can plant? I also took Coadster on a hunt for whatever certain kinds of make-up she needed for her show choir performance. Geez, with all that excitement, it's no wonder I'm so tired.

Okay. I'm off to get some sleep so that I might be able to function a little better tomorrow. There are about a hundred million things I've been putting off and now I have to finally pull my head out of my ass and get shit done. I hate it when I get to the point where I can't put things off anymore.


jeci said...

That dog is so wrinkly! I want to smoosh him!

Remiman said...

I wanna join too, can i, huh can I please, please, huh, can I? ;)

evil-e said...

head out of your ass or head out of the clouds?

I hate it as well when I do the same thing. I know when things need to get done, but just cannot bring myself to doing them.

Margaret said...

you can always put things off a little longer

another good thing said...

Whew. Now I feel all caught up in your world. Notes: hot red dress, awesome boots, adorable couple pix,fun evenings I am most jealous of, nice LSC photo at caucus- I love her work, chilly Chicago.Time to nap.

DJSassafrass said...

Having a week long date is bound to make you tired!

fringes said...

I saw your Erik pics posted at Citizen of the Month! Too cool...

laura b. said...

It is always hard to come back to reality, but you certainly deserved that all too brief break. Hopefully, there will be another one very soon.

Tara said...

A garden club sounds interesting and fun! Get some sleep asap! I finally caught up on some for myself.

booda baby said...

I'm with Margaret. You're not trying to procrastinate hard enough.

Anonymous said...

me too. I just got to that point recently as well. bah.

Brando said...

It is always depressing when you reach the Procrastination Horizon.

MrManuel said...

Tired or not, you still blogged. That is something I can't say I have done lately...

AlienCG said...

You better get some sleep. After the excitement of today, tomorrow could be even more exciting.

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

Mastiff's are so expressive (and drooly)! Great photo to indicate your mood.

Churlita said...


You could totally smoosh her. She would love the attention.


have at it. The more the merrier.


Head out of the clouds is probably more accurate.


...And now I have.


Mmmmm. I'm jealous of your nap.


It was 10 days, so now I REALLY have an excuse.


Yeah. That was fun to see.


It's true. And I'm sure once I get things done, I'll feel better.


Good for you. The garden club should be really nice.

Booda Baby,

I'm a master. I don't have to try.


At least you had a swingin' vacation in Belgium.


Dude. Don't I know it.

Mr MAnuel,

You've had a lot going on though.


I know. I might get all crazy and take a shower or something.


Who you tellin'? That dog is disgusting with drool.