Thursday, January 03, 2008

If They Got Thunder Appeal, Let Them Be On Your Side

I went to the cable place last night and got a new modem but didn't get it set up yet. Erik and I spent some time hanging out with the girls before they went to their dad's house and we went to Devotay to meet our friends and celebrate Ondine's and H.'s shared birthday. It was our last night together without my girls, so after dinner we went home and took some time to talk about what we want to do from here on out.

I've decided to caucus tonight. I was hesitating a bit because I wasn't sure what the girls were doing and it does take some time. But Coadster is going to shadow caucus (since she's not 18 yet) for Obama and Stinky is babysitting for some people so they can go to the caucusses. I haven't been to the caucusses since the eighties, so it will almost feel like the first time.

Okay. Since everything is conspiring against me blogging, I better go now. Work is insane right now because of a certain deadline for a certain graduate MFA creative writing program that apparently all thousand applicants waited until the last minute to apply to.

***Finally, I'm adding this because I keep forgetting to do it. The word for next week's Saturday Scavenger hunt is "NEW". Because it's timely this time of year...


DJSassafrass said...

It sounds like you been going to all the great IC date places--hooray! So what did you and Erik decide? You can email me on that one.
I have been debating on the caucus thing as well. I am super busy tonight, but if I am feeling well enough--still fighting flu--I think I will try to go as well.
Then FINALLY the damn commercials can stop!!!

Mr Atrocity said...

You expect creative writers to apply in a timely fashion? I'm surprised they were able to co-ordinate the form and a pen to be in close proximity at all. Have a rocking good caucus, the rest of the world holds its breath as the good people of Iowa do their thing.

Poptart said...

Yea! Glad you (and MSL and Coady) are caucusing. My ps are all into it - my stepfather is working for the Obama campaign (It annoys me that all the yard signs say Hope instead of his name).

I'll watch for you on the news!

(Since I missed you when you were in my town, apparently...ahem!)


MrManuel said...

Caucussing sounds fun! Did you pick a word for the week yet?

NoRegrets said...

Can you explain the scavenger hunt?

Mrs. Big Hairy Woman said...

great word choice..Happy New Year..

Dagromm said...

I love the Cars.

Kurt said...

Thanks for choosing my restaurant. Glad you're caucusing, I'll be there for Biden tonight, hope he merits your consideration:


Anonymous said...

Mitt Romney thanks you for your ardent support!


AlienCG said...

Have fun caucusing with Mr. St. Louis tonight (that sounds dirty). I hope your new modem works.

Noregrets: I can explain the Scavenger Hunt since it's my brother's (Evil-E) brain-child.

The word is "NEW." On Saturday you post original photos (you own photos) that relate to the word of week. A little story or explanation for each photo works too.