Thursday, January 24, 2008

Looking in the Crowd, Your Face is Everywhere

I think Stinky took this photo of the bottom of a glass. I have no idea why, but I'm posting it because I'm low on pics. I'll probably remedy that this weekend.

I'll just give you fair warning that my self-diagnosed ADD is flaring up a bit today. This could be an all over the place, bumpy ride. If you've read my blog before, you won't be all that surprised. If you haven't, it was nice knowing you. You probably won't ever come back.

First of all, it is fucking, stupifyingly cold outside lately. They said it was supposed to have gotten down to 35 below 0 with the windchill last night. It's impossible to even think about looking cute in that kind of weather. Even some of the girliest of sorority sisters were dressing so practically that they looked like they might take up a partner and go to an Indigo Girls show. I love it when we're all on a level playing field. Of course, the word on the street is that this weekend, it's supposed to get all the way to 35 above zero and we'll all feel like we're having a heatwave.

I've been running at the rec building lately since it's so cold and icy outside. The rec building is so awesome because normally there are tons of super hunky international students playing soccer on what is normally the tennis courts in the middle. When I go with my girlfriends, we usually compare notes on who we think are the hottest ones. Tonight they had Lacrosse practice and that was almost as good. My neighbor Bridget was also there and I got to finally catch up on her life and some decent gossip. It's not quite as meditative as running outside by myself, but it's the closest I got to a social life today. I'll take what I can get.

This weekend is a bye week (I'm totally stealing my friend T.'s term she uses for her long-distance relationship) for me and Erik. Even as we speak, he's driving up to Marquette Michigan - the home of two of my favorite bloggers/ex-neighbors - on business. At some point this weekend, he will head back down to Chicago, but we won't get to see each other until next Friday when I go down to St Louis for the first time to celebrate Mardi Gras weekend there.

What am I doing this week, you ask? Well, let me tell you. Early tomorrow evening, Stinky is having some friends over for pizza and movies. Then around ten, I may or may not head down to the Dublin to see which whacky/nutty/unpredictable fun folks are hanging out. On Saturday evening, I'm making the trek down to Ft Madison for my friend C.'s birthday party. I think you all know how much I love to go to bars in funky small towns. Feel free to reveal your weekend plans in the comments. I wouldn't mind living vicariously through you for a while.


Mr Atrocity said...

I don't think I can imagine how cold that is.

This weekend I shall probably be at work mostly. Heading toward deadline on this show now and there's still a heap to do.

evil-e said...

I have not hit many bars of late...I have not been drinking much. This is good for me.

Me and Renee are going to dinner at a fondue place tonight. The irony is that it's a birthday dinner for her anorexic sister. Hmmmm.

Enjoy the bye weekend if you can. Enjoy the heatwave as well.

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

MDH and I are going to see our friend Aria sing at a bar that's actually walking distance from our house. It's so freaking cold though that we'll probably drive.

I'm also making lamb braised with rosemary and red wine.

At OSU there is a big field near the international dorms where you can see boys playing Cricket.

Tara said...

It is painfully cold out there. I resorted to putting on gloves just to walk from my building to my car this morning, and I don't usually put on my gloves. Anyway, my weekend will be spent watching TV and some movies and just relaxin.

NoRegrets said...

I'm going to a bull riding contest! Wee ha!

And I'll be in St. Louis next Tues-Thurs. I'll wave in Erik's general direction.

DJSassafrass said...

Mardi Gras in St. Louis....I lived in Soulard and couldn't even park on my own street that week. It's a big, fat, drunken crazy-fest. Highlights? the weiner dog derby and free bands at the Schlafly tent. Downfalls? You will see many, many drunken boobs on rooftops.

Remiman said...

We are tripping down to Albany (NY's Capital) for the weekend. Leaving early AM. Why for, you ask? My daughter turns 40 on the third of Feb. But since I'm apt to be working on that weekend, we decided to go down to her place and take her out for pizza;) or what ever. I'm sure she and her mom will do some antique shopping while ol' dad has to be relegated to perusing the shelves at the Barne's and Noble. Oh well I'll try and bear up.
Now that I think of it you and 'chelle (daughter) must have gone to different schools together. So in that case, your welcome to join us for pizza and beer. If not, I'll talk to you Monday next.

fringes said...

My plans are to think about cleaning my apartment without actually cleaning my apartment. It's the thought that counts.

A said...

waterhorse - 1st grade basketball game - 1st grade basketball practice and 10 loads of laundry - but how it will be 50 degrees out.

Not Fainthearted said...

Dinner and movie with Mr. Hockey tonight. Rehearsal tomorrow and probably laundry and cleaning. Be still my heart.

drive carefully. It's still to flipping cold to be stranded. Plus, don't forget the thrill of freezing rain on Sunday!

booda baby said...

Plans for the weekend? Do people really do that? Make plans?

Quit trying to scare us with those Paul Bunyon-y cold stories. Now I have to go make hot chocolate.

dmarks said...

I've been to Marquette a few times, and my brother used to to go college there. The old prison there looks kind of cool: you can see it from the road without bothering to get too close to the security gate.

Yes, it's been dag-nasty cold.

Anonymous said...

Tomorrow I shall have a picnic by the lake!

laura b. said...

I can't even imagine that level of coldness.
Your weekend sounds busy and fun. It is Saturday and I am at you can guess how my weekend is.

Liz said...

I can't decide if 35 below is worse than 101 or not. During the summer it's humid and repressive. Try looking cute with frizzy hair and sweat pouring off of you. Permanent summer ultra oil sheen! Sexy!

I wish we could all afford to live in Hawaii where they don't have these complex weather issues.

Killer said...

I am late reading this, so my plans for the weekend is actually a recap...I sat around and did basically nothing. It was stupendous.

Churlita said...

Mr Atrocity,

I hope you finish up and get some time off soon.


Hilarious. Not that her sister is anorexic, but that she's having a fondue dinner for her birthday.


I want you to cook for me sometime.


Watching movies and relaxing sounds wonderful.


He's having a big mardi Gras party on Tuesday night. You should do more than wave, you should stop by and drink.


We'll have to compare notes when we get back.


I'd love to join you for pizza and beer.


I have that same weekend plan myself quite often.


Yeah. Quit showing off with your Texas Winter weather.


I hope you and Mr Hockey had fun.

Booda Baby,

Any excuse is a good excuse to make hot chocolate.


I've never been there. There's a prison in Marquette?


You forgot to add, "in Spain" so we can all be really jealous.


I'm sorry to hear about your having to work.


The drag about Iowa is that it gets to 100 degrees with equal percentage of humidity too. I have no idea why we all still live here.


That whole relaxing thing sounds nice.