Monday, January 28, 2008

I've Seen a Million Faces and I've Rocked Them All

This was an ashtray on the bar at the casino.

So, I think I'm just going to go back and talk about the Friday night dance party we had again at the Dublin this week. Why? Because dance parties are serious business and need to be documented again and again and again...Or do they?

Friday night, after Stinky had her pizza and movie party and I had to have five different 8th graders in my house and listen to them talk and then see Stinky kissing her boyfriend, I really needed a drink...Or twelve. My friends T. and K. had already gone out and then come back home. So, I figured I'd just go down to the Dublin Underground and see what kind of Yayhoos I could rustle up.

These are still the old photos from last week. Sadly, Erik wasn't there this Friday to take hideous pictures of me dancing. I'm pretty sure I have the scariest dance face in the history of cheesy bar dancers anywhere. See what I mean?

Once I walked down the stairs of the Dublin, I heard an unmistakably wonderful foul-mouthed voice. It was my friend L. back in town only one week later. It was going to be a glorious night.

We got down to it pretty early on, when L. dragged me away from a very drunken favorite bartender S., to dance to Bon Jovi. How could anyone refuse? I stayed for a while and tried to text and call Erik with the highlights. Right when I was getting ready to leave, (I had my coat on and everything) Falco's "Rock Me Amadeus" came on and I had to go up by the pool table and find L. so we could dance like idiots to one last song.

So, yeah. I didn't even take my coat off when I grabbed the pool table with both hands and swung my head around like the worst strippers do. L. fell onto the pool table, our friend Brad M. laid down on the pool table with a dollar bill sticking out of his teeth for me and the other guy who was dancing with us, fell to the floor. Of course, our friend D. captured it all on film, so I'm sure I'll be truly horrified when I see that heinous image of me all over again. Some girls never learn, do they?

L. told me I was allowed to show her face in the photos I posted on here. So, here she is doing the butt dance with me and looking all naughty and cute. And there's my straightened hair totally unraveling by the end of the night. Remember kids, feeling the funky funky beat of the music isn't always pretty...Especially when it's me doing it.


Remiman said...

Oolala ! !

evil-e said...

Those are funny....alcohol and cameras are a lethal combination.

Thanks for sharing.

Tara said...

That sounds like so much fun. "Rock Me, Amadeus" is a song that demands people to dance to it. I love going to a place that plays one great song after another, so that even though you're drunk and/or tired, you are compelled to keep dancing.

DJSassafrass said...

As if I didn't miss IC I see dance party pics from the Dublin (one of my fave places too). Sigh.
BTW--worst dance face pic goes to my friend L from my Bday in Vegas. I will email it to you!

booda baby said...

No. Blogger ate my comment. It was about what I'D do if I had to watch my child making out.

I think you probably made a fabulous stripper.

Mr Atrocity said...

In the words of dear, departed Edwin Starr, "I like the sound of funky music. Funk music sho nuff turns me on".

NoRegrets said...

You DO wear pink!

fringes said...

Edwin Starr is dead?

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

How fun! I'm not a big dancer, but I love to watch from the wings. Sorry you had to witness the Stinky kiss. That would be just too weird.

Brando said...

Those pictures are completely awesome. The Dublin always brings out the best in people.

laura b. said...

Dance party pictures! Keep 'em coming! I am trying hard to live vicariously through you :-)

Churlita said...


You sound so French.


I know. Who's idea was it to bring a camera to the bar anyway? Oh yeah, mine.


Yeah, there are a lot of people choosing really dorky/fun songs on that juke box at all times.


That bad dance face pic of your friend was priceless.

Booda Baby,

Only because I was dressed in my Winter coat.

Mr Atrocity,

That would have been a way better blog title than the one I chose, but I wanted to get a Bon Jovi song quote on here.

No Regrets,

Not all that often, but I will. Ask Erik, I'm more of a red wearing girl.


You might want to ask Mr Atrocity. He seems to be in the know.


I'm not watcher from the wings kind of girl. But I'm sure that's because I have no shame.


I wish you and TLB could visit and join the dance party. I have a feeling you'd be crazy with the air guitar.


I wouldn't do that if I were you. As you can see, I get kind of scary looking after a while.

Anonymous said...

Shake that booty, girl!! :)

michelle said...

God, how do you get away with all this dancing and going out and your kids not calling you LAME or standing back and looking at you saying LOL. My kid just laughs ANYTIME I do anything that seems to be something that anyone younger than twenty would do.