Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I'm Happy, Hope You're Happy Too

Here is a picture of the orchestra at All State before the performance.

Seriously, kids. I have no idea what the hell my problem is tonight. I had all this shit to do to get ready for the weekend, and I didn't really do any of it. I even made a list at work of things to accomplish, (and you know I hardly ever make lists) then I did almost nothing on it. Now I have only one evening left, and so I can't procrastinate anymore. I just have to get cracking.

Here's what I did to procrastinate tonight. First I went running at the rec building with my friend K. My IPod, apparently thought that I needed to hear music from the 70's, because besides Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy" that's all it played. They were all good songs to run to, and I hadn't heard David Bowie's "Ashes to Ashes" in forever.

After our work-out we met some friends at Sam's Pizza for some greasy food. Because it's the only thing you really want to eat after a good run, right? Unfortunately, the service kind of sucked. The company was excellent, so I just tried to focus on that.

I got home and had another great phone conversation with Erik, made a quick run to the store for something that Stinky needed and did the Fonzie fix with my headlight that K. suggested earlier in the evening. When I went to pick her up earlier tonight, I noticed that my left lamp was out. I really didn't want to drive with only one all the way to St Louis, and I wasn't sure what it would take to fix it. K. told me that when hers did that, she just hit it and it worked again. Luckily, mine was just as compliant. I didn't try the next Fonzie step of snapping my fingers to see if two hot chicks would come running. Maybe I should have though, I could have used their help packing and getting ready for the road trip.


Remiman said...

I always wait 'til one minute past the last minute before I get packed.

AlienCG said...

I usually pack the night before my trip, but do a double-check in the morning to make sure I have everything. Don't rush, though, that's when pants and socks get forgotten.

Mr Atrocity said...

Fonzie skills - good.
Shark jumping - bad.

Need to keep an eye on those fonzie skills of yours just to be on the safe, and cool, side.

evil-e said...

whoa...three chicks would have been cool....

[emerging from the gutter]
You still got time, one night is less than two, but a night none the less. Sometimes forcing yourself to do it is the best way to go.

Perhaps a trip to the parts store might be in order, the Fonzie mojo only lasts a short while.

Now, about you and those two hot chicks....

Anonymous said...

My first car used to break down on me all the time. A few times in the middle of the canyons where there were no streetlights or cellphone reception. Opening the hood and hitting random parts usually worked too :)

DJSassafrass said...

Yum....Sam's! I get to heda to IC today, I think you just picked my lunch spot! I am jeamous of your trip to STL! I suppose I'll survive because I am going to Milwaukee next weekend.

Margaret said...

packing too early leads to bringing too much, crap see? you're wise to procrastinate

Tara said...

If only all car problems could be fixed the Fonzie way. Now I have the tune, "One Headlight" by The Wallflowers stuck in my head.

booda baby said...

I expect you to drive very, vERY carefully and take all that stuff you're supposed to take but only soccer moms and tense dads do - everyone else counting on a gas station showing up.

laura b. said...

The travel gods are smiling on you. They let you fix your car with your fist! I predict the packing will go smoooooovely.

minijonb said...

i should call you if i ever have any car problems... you have gifted fingers!

Mrs. Big Hairy Woman said...

I like to prepare in advance.. like a couple of days.. but I still manage to forget my toothbrush...

Churlita said...


I'm right there with you.


I'll be double and triple checking.


Oh, don't worry. There will be no shark jumping for me any time soon.


It would have been cool only if they would have helped me pack and organize.


It's all about kicking and swearing at things.


Milwaukee should be fun.


Thanks for that. I feel so much better.


I almost forgot about that song.

Booda Baby,

I'll try to be prepared.


I hope so.


It was mostly my gifted fist.


Oh yeah. My toothbrush.