Wednesday, January 23, 2008

You've Got to Roll With the Punches to Get to What's Real

These are my favorite flowers in the world. Erik very intelligently asked my friend K. what kind of flowers I liked and then bought what she told him. He's a good man.

Sooo, here's a little story and a little mush all rolled up into one blog post. Enjoy...Or not. Whatever.

Okay. I'm not sure if I ever mentioned this, but I had a bad mammogram last Summer. The kind that they make you come back and get another one and then a doctor comes out and tells you that you have to come back again even in a while to see if the bad thing gets any bigger and then instructs you not to worry for six months. Oh yeah. Because I'm not a total fucking spaz or anything...

Anyway, the six months was up this month and I dutifully made my appointment. It was for Tuesday of this week. I didn't mention it to Erik, because he was going to be gone anyway, and I didn't think I would bug him with it, unless there was actually something any of us needed to worry about. But then, through some glorious work SNAFU, Erik ended up staying an extra day, and so I told him what was what with that one thing.

I've been single for a long time and even when I was kind of sorta hanging out with a guy for a while this Summer, I was basically single and I'm used to taking care of my own shit. So, I figured I'd just walk from work, do my little test thing and then walk home like I did last Summer. But let me just tell you how fucking cool Erik was about the whole thing:

Not only did he insist on picking me up from work and driving me to my appointment, he also told me to call him when it was over and he'd come back and get me. Then, when he picked me up, he had a donut waiting for me, and you know how much I loves me some donuts. Okay, and now here's the best part, the very minute he was at The Dublin waiting for me to call him and watching TV and saw that Heath Ledger was dead. That very minute. He texted me to give me the news. He knew I'd want to know that, and who the hell wouldn't?

So, as it turns out, the scary stuff seems to be nothing - in hospital world they like to call it benign. Erik picked me up as soon as I called him and later that night I met him at The Dublin Underground along with S. my favorite bartender and his smokin' hot wife, K. and I had a much needed couple of beers. So, the story had a happy ending. The end.


jeci said...

Oh, I'm glad you're OK! PHEW! And I'm glad you have someone to make those tense times a little easier. Take care.

Remiman said...

Tres bien! I'm glad you're benign.
Well at least the the test was benign. ;)
It sounds like you've hooked up with a great guy, and that is a good thing.

evil-e said...

The take-to, the pick-up, the donut, and the text....and flowers to boot. He's making us good boyfriends look like slackers.

I could not remember that guy's full name, but I ended up telling Renee about it the other night. She was shocked that she did not hear it prior to me letting her know. I am not into celebrity stuff, so I never know these things.

Mr Atrocity said...

That is wonderful news. There is nothing like that feeling when they tell you it is OK after all because it is impossible not to worry beforehand.

And coincidentally orange gerberas are my favourite flowers

NoRegrets said...

Healthy boobs are a good thing. So is a good man.

DJSassafrass said...

One word: Keeper. Glad all is well!! Gerber dasies are my faves as well. We totally deserve them.

jenny said...

So glad everything worked out okay! And you should tell your main man that the blogosphere heartily approves of him.

fringes said...

I love happy endings, especially when they happen to good people like you.

Tara said...

The female body is a truly complex and frightening mechanism. Very, very, very good to hear that it turned out benign and that is the sweetest, most perfect thing that Erik was there for you through all this. Yes, we can do this stuff alone, but it is a great deal of comfort when someone is supporting us.

Those are beautiful flowers, btw. He chose wisely. ;)

laura b. said...

Oh my goodness...I'm sorry you had such a scare and so so so happy it turned out to be a nothing to worry about situation.
I can't say enough good things about Erik. You are a cool, wonderful woman who has finally met a cool, wonderful man.

booda baby said...

That is ALL it's about, I've decided. Feeling it. Loved and safe. Not that anyone has to protect anyone, but you know the difference between being always on edge, always suppressing doubts and - well, safe.

I love him for you. I also love that you're oki-doki.

Not Fainthearted said...

booda-baby said it best. Yes, yes, yes, we can carry our own shit. But it's so much better, more fun, easier, when someone steps up to walk along with us.

SO GLAD to hear the boobs are OK.

Anonymous said...

First of all, I'm SO glad it's benign!

Second of all, Erik IS fucking awesome!

And last, those are my fave flowers too! :)

TLB said...

Awwww, and awesome!

Chance said...

I'm so glad your health scare was just a scare.

It's also very nice for you that your man is around to be so sweet. Of course, that is to be expected. He doesn't have anything else to do while he's visiting you, does he?

DirkStar said...

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Churlita said...


It helped a lot to have Erik there being all awesome.


I'm glad too.


yeah. It's pretty hard to out-do Erik.

Mr Atrocity,

You are so right. Even the relief feels overwhelming.

No Regrets,

Who you tellin'? Healthy boobs and a good man are both hard to find.


I agree with both points.


I know. He reads my blog, so I think he knows that, but who doesn't want to hear that again and again?


Thanks. That's very kind of you.


I definitely feel very lucky to have him around.


Thanks. I feel like it's about time.

Booda Baby,

Exactly. It's nice to have someone who has your back and your best interests in mind.


My boobs are just fine...If I do say so myself.


Thanks. I know. And they seem to be crowd pleasers.


You say so much with so little.


The cool thing is, that he used to live here and has tons of friends, so he actually had plenty to do. He just made the time and the effort anyway. So, it's doubly sweet.




Thanks for the offer, but that sounds like more work than I have time or energy for. I'm kind of lazy and busy...I know, it's a bad blogger combo.

Margaret said...

hooray for happy endings

Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

Excelent taste in flowers! And, yay for good men and healthy boobs!!

Anonymous said...

So glad everything is okay. Those are beautiful flowers!

Long_Division on a strange computer in Texas