Friday, January 04, 2008

I Need a Drink and a Quick Decision

Here is a blurry photo at the caucus of the head of the writer's workshop and one of my favorite writers/readers. If you ever get a chance to hear Lan Samantha Chang read, I highly recommend it.

So, last night I caucussed. I went to City High and there were well over 700 people in the cafeteria there. It was hot and loud, but the whole process was pretty interesting. There was all that wheeling and dealing and yelling and chaos. It kind of reminded me of playing the game Pit when I was kid. Basically, even at the beginning it was all over but the shouting. Obama took it hands down and Edwards had enough people to remain viable. Many of us were surprised that Hillary didn't have enough people initially to remain viable, but acquired the 108 she needed to get herself a delegate.

Erik was at Hoover, so we were texting each other back and forth about who was at our caucus and all the drama that was taking place at both. He texted me a photo to show me how crowded Hoover Elementary was and I texted him this picture of my Hotz Street neighbor's butt supporting her candidate. I figured he'd be interested in that.

We were done with the caucusses by nine. At that point I dropped off my friend K. and her neighbor Jen and Coadster and I finally made it home. I messed around with the computer and had no idea what I was doing. Erik tried too, but couldn't figure it out either, so now I'm waiting for the cable people to call me so I can run home and get things going and get my fix. God, I hope they can fix it today.

Of course, the end of the caucusses also means that Erik is leaving. He has to work at a couple of different places in the Midwest,with the tentative plan of coming back in ten days. I'll be fine for ten days, won't I? I'll definitely miss getting picked up from work everyday, and having food made and dishes done when I come home from work, but mostly I'll miss having Erik around being all fun and hot and shamelessly dorky. So, the countdown starts anew...


DJSassafrass said...

Living proff right here of the long-distance thing working out. It really makes the time you spend together so much fun and it's so fun to get excited about the next thing you do.
Been meaning to ask if Erik does the whole St. Pat's in Dogtown? I'll be there, just like every year!

Matt said...

I'm not trying to be too dense but is Erik originally from Iowa City? Is his dad a doctor in Iowa City? I think I went to a few house parties down on Iowa Avenue when he was roommates with Dave Elick and some guy named Phil.

Neil said...

Yeah for your caucusing (is that a word?)! As the only one I know in Iowa, I was thinking of you while watching the news.

Gyuss Baaltar said...

So who did you finally caucus for?

I looked for ya on cspan

.j.william. said...

let's hear it for being shamelessly dorky. woo!

fringes said...

God, I love your new man. I'm counting down, too, for Pete's sake.

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

I forwarded this to my husband because he is caucus (and Obama) obsessed!!

Your internet outtage seems well timed - you've had other things to keep you busy ;)

Anonymous said...

This whole post just makes me grin. Between the caucusing together but separately to the picking up from work with edible food made and such. What fun! What romance!

You totally deserve every bit of it!!

Remiman said...

I feel refreshed just listening to your excitment with every aspect of life. Even your computer SNAFU is less intense. Isn't love grand? ;)

Margaret said...

good for you, caucussing when there was a man in town

evil-e said...

I hope the two of you have much luck and love in weathering the long-distance relationship. I hope it works out that you two can eventually get together and stay together.

He gets the fellow Eric endorsement.

Churlita said...


You are a good example that it can work. All we can do is try and see what happens.


Erik read your comment and said that he did live in that house with those guys.


Thanks. I don't think I made it on TV though.


I was for Richardson and when he wasn't viable I gave my vote to Obama.


I know. It's my favorite trait in a man.


Thanks. I know you've been through it, so I'm even more of your counting down with me.


Your husband should come down for the caucusses some year. They're a trip.


Thanks. We're trying to be realistic about the viability of it all being long distance and all while still having fun and enjoying each other while we're here.


Yes, it is. I'm kind of sucker for romance. Just don't tell anyone. I wouldn't want to spoil my bad-ass reputation.


We both caucused so it was okay.


Thanks. That's so sweet of you.