Tuesday, January 08, 2008

And When It's Time for Leavin', I Hope You'll Understand

Ondine and me and K. at Devotay for Ondine's special birthday dinner.

I think I may just make this a clean-up post. I got so behind with everything when my internet was down, that I feel like all I've been doing is back tracking. So, this is my attempt at tidying up the last week, so that I can get to a point where I can actually report things as they happen.

New Year's Day, Erik and I woke up late and met many of our friends at The Vine to watch some bowl games. Surprisingly, I wasn't too hung-over, but I still appreciated some wings and a carbonated, caffeinated beverage. At around noon, Stinky called and asked if I could pick her up at her friend's house. Coadster stayed at her dad's house on New Year's Eve after calling me to tell me that she had been at a party that was busted by the police, but not to worry because she wasn't one of the kids who got arrested. Thanks, honey. Hearing that, makes mommy feel so much better. Whatever happened to kids hiding all their exploits from their parents? Did they do away with that on the Millenium?

On New Year's Eve, Erik told me he wasn't ready to leave me yet, and so he pushed back his free lance work a little further. It made my new year. Tuesday night we were really low energy and did a lot of lying around on the couch watching football and a movie with Coadster.

On Wednesday, we went out for dinner at Devotay for Ondine's and H.'s birthday. I love going out to eat with my friends, because we all order different stuff and then share it.

Erik had planned on leaving Friday morning, but had to take care of some things before he left and decided to stay long enough to bring me lunch. Around 2'ish the cable guy came by and finally fixed my internets. Erik texted me and found out I was at home. He called me and said he was at our friend Dexter's house and asked if I wanted a ride back to work, and while he was at it, maybe he'd stay one more night and leave on Saturday. We had talked about the fact that we never went to see a movie on our week long date and so we could rectify that now. Sweet.

We went to the Hamburg Inn for dinner and then to see Charlie Wilson's War. I thought it was pretty good. On the way out, Erik said, "Wow. We've been really political lately."

I said, "I know. Let's go get drunk now." We headed down to the Dublin and didn't really get all that very drunk after all. Stinky came home around 11:30 and we got home almost an hour before her.

When we woke up on Saturday, Erik decided to stay until the next day. I didn't have the girls on Saturday night and it would give us some more alone time. We went to my friend James' house to watch the Steelers in the playoffs with some friends. It was a decent game, even if the Steelers didn't win. The Steelers started off sucking, but then my friend James told me to pretend to call them and let them know I was watching. And once again, it was dorky, but it totally worked. The Steelers came back and almost won it. Freaky.

After the game we headed to The Motley Cow since it was the last night at its old location. There were only a few people there - mostly it was the owner and the employees having their last supper. I had a beer and just a little taste of whiskey that was being passed around before we went home.

On Sunday, Erik finally left. Wah. I got back into my normal life again. I went running for the first time in 10 days and Coadster and I went to see Juno. I really, really, really, really liked that movie - and feel free to add some more really's to that.

Now, after this totally mundane, totally scattered post, I'll attempt to resume more updated blogging. Of course, I'm not guaranteeing anything...


Remiman said...

A New Year starting on cloud nine has to portend good things!

evil-e said...

A good thing to start the new year feeling good, isn't it?

He just did not want to go...this is a very good thing.

Anonymous said...

It's so romantic that he said he didn't want to leave you yet and then rearranged his schedule so that he didn't have to. I love that.

I hope he never changes that part of him. It's one thing to have to go. We're adults and live separate lives from the one we're dating. BUT It's totally better if he can express that he doesn't really want to go.

dmarks said...

Great way to start the new year!

DJSassafrass said...

Sounds like you had some very fun times! It's great that Erik blends with your friends so well....that is very important.
Remember, I will road trip to STL at the drop of a hat. It still feels sort of like home to me!

Tara said...

The restaurants you go to have the coolest names.

NoRegrets said...

Watch out you don't get diabetes, it's all so sweet.

.j.william. said...

I really really really liked juno, too.

fringes said...

I gotta see Juno!

minijonb said...

really, really, really liked Juno. it was an awesome flick.

AlienCG said...

It sounds like a New Year to remember.

laura b. said...

Geez, I am falling a little in lurve with Erik myself! He sounds like such a great guy and I wouldn't complain about his looks either...
BTW, Juno was (really x infinity) good! What a little gem.

booda baby said...

It's hard re-creating a week plus, isn't it? Especially when your head's got a bunch of Luhv floating around in it. Makes concentrating a bitch. I would like you to get over it pretty snappy like so we can get back to regularly scheduled shit. Well, regularly scheduled shit WITH Eric included.

Churlita said...


I sure hope so.


It is. The long distance thing might actually kill me, though.


You're right.


I know, right?


I met him through my friends, so that part has been really good.


I think that comes from living in a very literary college town.


I'm looking to buy stock in insulin.


I want to see it again and again.


You must.


It's the best movie I've seen in a while.


It was great.



Booda BAby,

I think you'll find the next post back to the regular shit. Good and bad.

Anonymous said...

You´re quite the lucky charm! I haven´t heard of Juno yet...that´s how cut off I am from American culture over here! Bah :P I need to catch up!