Monday, January 01, 2007

You Say You're Gonna Take Him. Oh, But I Don't Think You Can

One of their friend's took this photo of the girls on New Year's Eve. I love how over-exposed Coadster is in this. It's almost like someone was actually trying to be artsy.

I should probably warn you that I started this post with no idea what I'd write, so you can expect it to be even less cohesive than normal. Maybe if you did some drugs or didn't sleep for a couple of days before you read this, it would actually make sense.

Tonight is the first waking time I've had to myself since Thursday. Needless to say, this has been an extremely social weekend. Which doesn't mean it was a bad weekend, it's just that I'm a girl who needs hours and hours to process my experiences and when I don't get that, my synapses can't always be trusted to perform properly.

I went out on Friday and Saturday this weekend. I can't really remember the last time I went out both nights of a weekend. I met Ondine and company out at The Foxhead on Friday night. That was where I heard Saddam Hussein was hanged. It was strange to watch the coverage on the bar television set, it was almost like we were watching replays of sports highlights.

The nice thing about going out in Iowa City over the holidays, is seeing all the the expatriates who are back in town. Since I had to drive to Dubuque the next morning to pick up the girls, I was going to go home after all my friends left see a show at the Picador, but right around the same time, a bunch of other people I hadn't seen for a while showed up and I stayed for another hour. The not so nice thing about Iowa City is that whenever I go out, I'm reminded just how tiny this town is, by running into unwanted ghosts. If I weren't quite so socially retarded, these encounters (or hauntings, as I like to call them) wouldn't have to be so awkward. But, I guess getting spooked is a good way to know when it's time to go home.

I went to the early show at the Picador on Saturday night. It was a benefit, so there were tons of bands from all different genres playing. It was packed, especially since it was winter break and most of the students were out of town. In between bands, they had a guy dressed in a loin cloth diaper thing and a turban who ate light bulbs and lifted bar stools with hooks hanging from his earlobes. Lord knows, I'm a girl who appreciates good spectacle, but I get squeamish about watching that kind of thing and had to go downstairs for most of his performance. I can't even watch Cirque du Soleil because the contortionists can raise the bile from within me.

The odd thing about going out this weekend was the lack of alcohol I consumed. I had a migraine on Friday that I kept at bay by taking my meds, and I didn't want to induce it's ire again by imbibing any spirits. Usually, I don't think there's any reason to be sober at the Picador, (or what was once Gabes) but for some reason, I had a great time on Saturday and I even stayed until one a.m.

Last night, I stayed home with the girls and a few of their friends. All of Stinky's friends cancelled out at the last minute, so I drove her to some other girl's house to watch movies until 11:15. (so she could watch the ball drop on the East Coast)

Coadster had two friends spend the night and one who went home at 1 a.m. I found out later, that the girl who left early, had some champagne with her sister before she showed up. It's weird, because I haven't had to worry about the girls' friends drinking before this. Even if she had been sober, Champagne Girl would have annoyed me. She kept whining about some "bitch" who stole her man. I told her that if her man was worth having, no one could steal him from her. She didn't really know how to respond to that, so she just said, "You don't understand. She was my best friend before that..." Coadster stood behind her and gave me the sign to let it go and after she left, Coadster told me that Champagne Girl cheated on the boy first, and the "bitch" supposedly stole Champagne Girl's boyfriend after they were broken-up. I wisely went into Coadster's room and watched a movie after that. I've resolved not to discuss empowerment issues in relationships with half-drunk fourteen year old girls ever again in 2007.


Bice said...

I've resolved not to discuss empowerment issues in relationships with half-drunk fourteen year old girls ever again in 2007.

I think this would look cool stitched on a pillow or something. Maybe put it on a sweater with some adorable puppies or kittens on it too.

Killer said...

I hate Cirque de Soleil also, I thought I was the only one. You know how some people have an irrational fear of clowns? I have an irrational fear of the creepy people in Cirque de Soleil.

Mr Atrocity said...

Discussing anything with half-drunk fouteen year olds is an exercise in futility. They don't get much better by the time they're in their thirties either; not that I'd know anything about that of course.

Margaret said...

I hope you can keep your resolution!

booda baby said...

If more 14 year old girls having empowerment issues heard what you said, I think we'd save them from turning into 32 year olds with the same issues.

Churlita said...


I think I'll do a paint-by-numbers painting of it with a picture of those kids with the big eyes from the seventies.


I have an irrational fear of clowns and those creepy people in Cirque du Soleil.

Mr Atrocity,

Trying to have a discussion with a half-drunk anyone at any age is an exercise in futility.


I plan on it. If I have to talk to a half-drunk 14 year old girl this year, it will be about something mundane, like the weather or what it was that she drank.

TLB said...

Me too. Except I don't know any drunk 14 year olds. Maybe I'll just finally learn to shut my own mouth instead? Nah--never happen.

Churlita said...

Booda Baby,

I wish someone would have talked to me about empowerment issues in relationhships when I was 14, so I wouldn't still be dealing with it when I was 32.


I would never be fool enough to make a resolution to keep my mouth shut. I try not to set myself up for that kind of quick failure.

Dexter said...

I was anti-Cirque de Soleil but after listening to recent Beatles-Love remixes by George Martin and son I have to admit I am curious to see that show.

Remiman said...

I'm always asking my self " rel, when do we forget what it is to think like a teen?" I know now that teen brains aren't complete yet, but they don't. That's why they volunteer to go to wars, or drive wicked fast, or get into fights, and even be possessive of things (boy/girls) that we've kicked to the curb.

I don't like being around drunks when I'm sober, and I don't like being around sober people when I'm drunk.

Get some rest girl, next round is just ariond the corner.

NotCarrie said...


Churlita said...


I would see it if it didn't include contortionists.


I know. I do understand that they can't helpe being annoying anymore than they can learn from my mistakes. That's why I went away and watched a movie. Getting rest? Now, that sounds like a great idea.

Not Carrie,

Thanks. You too. I can't wait to read all about it.