Wednesday, January 03, 2007

In Starlit Nights I Saw You

I lifted this beeyoooteeful, full moon photo off of the beloved interenets.

I had just about an hour in between the time I got home from work and when I had to pick up Stinky from basketball practice. I decided to sneak a run in there because I needed the endorphins to help wash the stank of work off me and I make it a policy never to pass up a free high.

As I reached the top of the hill on Rochester Street, I saw the full moon looming just above me. It was Crayola, dandelion yellow and about as big as your head and both of mine, all put together.

"Aha," I thought. It was suddenly clear to me why I had been so restless all day and why every, single, phone call I received at work was from a scary screecher who happened to be, straight-up, cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs - when that pockmarked ball of cheese in the sky becomes full, it truly is the boss of all of us.


Bice said...

The full moon... it tells me to do things. Naughty things. Un-natural things. I don't normally listen to cheese but I figure it's been around a while it should know what it's talking about.

Shaymus said...

Has the cheese been telling you not to eat it....don't really is Tasty

Remiman said...

I love cresting the hill coming out of my village and seeing that huge yellow ball, big enough for the earth to pass through, looking close enough to touch.
Soon though, I'll be wondering "who stole my cheese"
Have a great day.

booda baby said...

Big old Moons in crayola dandelion yellow would have a lot of explaining to do if anyone could catch one in a talkative mood.

Thing is, they don't have to talk. They just stare and ... we kinda do their bidding. As you say, they truly are the boss of all of us.

Churlita said...


Plus, the naughty things are usually fun and everything you do is beyond your control - it's perfect.


The moon would be some old stinky cheese. At least it hasn't been telling me to cut it.


I love being overpowered by it too. I hate it when people steal my cheese. Now, I keep singing "The cheese stands alone" in my head.

Booda Baby,

Normally, I'm pretty obstinate when people tell me what to do, but when it's the moon, I relent.

Margaret said...

I should have known, I should have stayed in my underground lair and saved myself getting shot by those darts.

Churlita said...


Did they shoot you in the ass? I always find that pulling the darts out of that part of my body the morning after a full moon is much easier than some of the other places.

EEK said...

Due to my sad lack of education in regards to the field of astronomy and the other sciences, my understanding of why the moon occasionally becomes this intensely enormous object in the sky is that it is magic. Just like electricity and the fact that airplanes can fly.

You're right, the moon was stunning last night. I stared at it the entire commute home from work.

broinlaw said...

Well, that certainly explains your sisters recent behavior.


Killer said...

In a hospital, the freaks really do come out on a full moon. They get hurt and come flowing in like a river of crazy.

Margaret said...

and you can rest comfortably when the dart's back there

Churlita said...


Oh my god. You took the same science classes I did. Did we go to school together?


If that's the case, there must always be a full moon.


I worked in a hospital for a while too and I remember how crazy it could get. One year there was a full moon on Halloween and I didn't think I'd make it out of work alive.


Do you sleep on your stomach too?