Sunday, January 28, 2007

It Must Have Been Good, but I Lost it Somehow

I was under the weather for most of the day. I'm not sure if I'm getting that nasty flu that's going around, or if it's some weird psychological thing my brain's creating to help me put off doing my taxes. Whatever it is, I'm all dizzy and sick to my stomach. So, I'm once again only capable of throwing you a handful of loose change.

1. Stinky wasn't feeling well either and we did a lot of lying around watching really cheesy girl movies from the eighties. (Say Anything and Pretty Woman, for example) I don't think I'd seen any of them since they first came out and it put me in this sappy, nostalgic headspace. What I was nostalgic for? I couldn't say. It was this general feeling of missing something from my twenties. I can say what I don't miss from that time, though, and it would be the big hair, and that horrible saxophone that was in half the songs and soundtracks back then, but mostly I really, really don't miss the band Roxette.

2. As I mentioned above, I'm trying to do my taxes on-line. I think next year I might go back to paying the white trash accountants to do them. The tax forms on-line are just that much different than the paper ones, or my W-2's, that I get confused about exactly what they want me to put where. I also can't deal with the language. They can't just come out and say, "How much did you pay on your state taxes last year." They have to ask what you paid but give you four almost identical choices and then add all these exclusions as well. You know, the "this does not include money paid for everything in your state or the confused state you may have been in at the time of payment" kind of wording that makes me crazy. It's the same bullshit that threw me off so much when I was younger and had to take standardized tests.

3. Last week, Rel very kindly encouraged me to switch my browser to Firefox. I had actually been contemplating doing just that for some time now anyway. My biggest problem, as usual, was my utter lack of computer skills. I still have that old people fear that anything I do, will blow-up my computer. Then Dorky wrote about switching to firefox on his blog a few days ago too and helpfully detailed some of the ins and outs of the process. I'm one of those poor suckers who looks for signs from the universe when making decisions, and so I'm taking these recommendations as two hearty thumbs-up for switching to Firefox as soon as I get a chance. Don't worry, I know better than to seek my decision making signs from the internets in general, or else I'd have purchased breast enlargement cream, Viagra, Ephedra and a hot sixteen year old Russian bride a long time ago.

4. Earlier in the evening, I was fantasizing about how wonderful it would be if we had a cookie delivery place in town. Then an hour later, the two girls who recently moved into the upstairs half of the duplex, stopped by and dropped off a plate of brownies with M and M's sprinkled on top. Because they're in college and drive a beat-up Vanagon, I was a little hesitant to try one, in case they baked them with weed to fuck with the old muthah who lives below them. Then, I thought a little further, and since the girls were at their dad's, and I would have a whole day to recover before work, I ate two in a row, just in case.


Lynnster said...

I switched to Firefox a month or two ago. I had some tech trouble at first a friend wound up helping me pin down - everything looked like crap until I turned on ClearType in XP, after that it's been perfect. I still have to use IE for a couple of applications I use regularly, but I'll never go back to it full time. You will love it.

Margaret said...

I'm not convinced a Russian bride to clean up after me wouldn't be a bad idea, but the traffic light hasn't yet changed 4 secondsafter I pulled up..

Remiman said...

I only use firefox to do my blogger posts. I still use IE for everything else.
(Thanks for the nod)
I tried viagra once, but it didn't make my breasts bigger so I stopped.
I tried ephedra so as to keep up with my Russian wife but she ran off with the girl who sold breast enlargment cream.
Tax forms were designed by lawyers using fuckwithmybrainese so they can nudge you over to their partners who do tax returns.
Hope you're feeling better soon.

Stepping Over the Junk said...

HA! I drove a Vanagon in California when I learned to drive!! A great beach mobile! Can run on fumes! I look forawrd to my girls being older so we can watch girl movies. (although we watch American Idol together now, they love it)

Churlita said...


I think I may have to wait until I can get my friend Bob to come over and help trouble shoot. I'm such a whimp.


Okay, if I could get a Russian bride to clean-up after me, i might consider buying her. I have a feeling the people spamming my e-mails are less 17 years old and hot and more hairy and 50 and named Boris. That, I don't need.


Thanks. I'm feeling better today. Sorry to hear about your Russian bride and your Viagra tribulations.

Stepping Over the Junk,

I have no problem with Vanogan drivers, I was just hoping they would be stereotypical pot smoking hippies who would spike my brownies, is all.

Aside from all the drama, it is really fun having older daughters you can hang out with and watch cheesy girl movies.

Dexter said...

I love the online tax thing. I tried a couple of different of the free ones but this year I am using same one as last year so its very easy with all the stored data. Refund is so much quicker too.

Churlita said...


Now that it's done, it wasn't all that bad. They even filled in all the extra forms for me. I'm waiting to see if the IRS accepts or rejects it right now. Man, I hate rejection.

Dexter said...

About three years or four ago I kept getting my online tax return rejected and it was infuriating and also close to April 15th. Then I realized it was my employer who had gotten there Tax ID # wrong on the W2. Rage against the machine.

Churlita said...


Two years ago, the accountant imputted my daughter's ss# wrong and my form got rejected, but the accountant never thought to tell me. I kept waiting for my money to get deposited and getting really sad when it wasn't there.

Dexter said...

I should get SSN's for our cats. That would beef up the refund.

Churlita said...

Too bad you can't claim your cats. I bet people have tried.