Friday, January 05, 2007

I Got A Lion in my Pocket and, Baby, He's Ready 2 Roar

Here's a photo of me and my cousins at Marriott's Great America (I think it's a Six Flags now - is that right, TLB?) outside of Chicago in the mid-seventies. I'm looking a little Robert Plant-like with that frizz hair. Again, this photo has nothing to do with my post. I just think it's funny that my cousin is wearing a red poncho over her purple polyester outfit.

I was tagged by Margaret for another meme. I know I've been doing a lot of these lately, but this one's quick and judging by yesterday's post, maybe it's better if I'm not left to my own devices. I guess I am just to finish these two statements:

1.) The dumbest argument ever:

Was the one I used to have over and over again with myself when I was younger, when I found out a guy I liked wasn't interested in me or treated me like crap. I used to take both pro and con sides. the pro would propose that the guy was just saying he didn't want to date me because he was afraid to be in a relationship right then, or because he didn't know me well enough, or maybe there were just a few things I could alter about myself that would make him change his mind. Then, the rational con self would jump in to remind me that if he thought I needed to change, then I shouldn't want to date him. My stupid, insecure, pro side would squelch that with a resounding, "Whatever", and I'd continue making excuses. Ugh, it makes me sad just to remember that silly, messed-up girl.

2.) If you were the opposite sex:

I would try to make more sense and appreciate the people who were in my life while I had them, so I didn't have to obsess over them forever after they were gone...And unlike Margaret, I would probably have a huge penis that would give me an exaggerated sense of self.


Bice said...

Most of my best arguments have been with myself. I've made myself so made on occasion that I wouldn't talk to myself for days.

Shaymus O'flatulence's Blog said...

I often wonder when I see women driving large cars whether they have small vagina's

TLB said...

Yep, it's a Six Flags now. I grew up 5 min away and used to have a season's pass. My mom worked for the foodservice main office and my dad, who was in actuality a teacher, did third-shift cleanup in the summers to make ends meet.

The ride you're standing in front of was called the Haymaker, which is gone now, and in the background you can see the Skyway, which crossed the whole park and was taken out after just a few years because it kept breaking down and was too high for the Gurnee Fire Dept. ladders. Scary.


I like the Robert Plant - Led Zep look...very Cool....the Hair is really outstanding...Rocker Looks...

Remiman said...

The dumbest arguement Is everyone I allow myself to get into. Win or lose I always feel like I lost.

If I was a woman, I'd be running the brothel I'd worked in for 40 years. ;-)


Churlita said...


Yeah, but who won?


Have you ever stopped one to ask them?


I love it that you know so much about that theme park. There has to be some way to put that knowledge to use. Have you ever thought about writing a short story that takes place there?

Major E Flat,

Too bad the last thing I wanted in 7th grade was rocker locks or looks.


Thanks for playing. I don't tag people anymore, but I'm always happy when people do the memes.

Shaymus O'flatulence's Blog said...

Yes, often!!

Stepping Over the Junk said...

Ah, pros and cons. I have gotten to a point where if I am super miserable most of the time, it is time to end it, no matter the pros...because even if there was only 1 pro to every 4 cons, I would make it out to be a REALLY good PRO and stay in it just for that

Churlita said...


What kind of response does that get you?

Stepping Over the Junk,

Yeah, this last time I was rejected, I just thought it was funny that it came so unsolicited. I just thought he was presumptuous and arrogant and I was glad I dodged that bullet.

Bice said...

I did... natch!

EEK said...

I think my dumbest arguments are still primarily with myself. Stupid brain.

Margaret said...

argueing with one's self is terribly frustrating, I'm glad you've cut that out.... would you be tempted to show it to people?

Churlita said...


Good for you.


I still argue with myself too. I just don't have THAT agrument anymore.


If you mean my imaginary penis, I probably would after a few beers. It would be hard to support my exaggerated sense of self without letting people see why.