Saturday, January 20, 2007

Let Me Tell You How it Will Be

Okay. I was going to write this nice, long post, but Blogger is being a total asshole and won't let me upload a photo. You all know I'm nothing without my visual aids. (even if they don't match the text in my posts)

It's probably better this way. I'm super tired and I'm all expectant (not that way, thank god) for the snow that is supposed to fall tonight. I think I'll call it a night and read some sweet, relaxing Cormac McCarthy to send me off to sleep in the right frame of mind. Who knows? I may have really interesting dreams to blog about next week too.

p.s. - My hibernation phase is in full swing now, so if you don't see me out and about at all, please feel free to call Meals on Wheels for me.

p.p.s.s. - I just watched one of the saddest movies ever. Those Japanese directors sure do depression right.

p.p.p.s.s.s. - I'm thinking about doing my taxes myself, because I don't want to have to take vacation time to get it to the white trash tax place that does them for almost nothing but it also takes forever for the white trash people to get around to them and they're located out by the airport. Does anyone do their own taxes? Is it more trouble than it's worth?


Ortizzle said...

Turbo Tax is really user-friendly if you do it yourself. Of course, it costs money, but... the money you pay for the turbo tax is tax deductible! :-)

Matt said...

We use a CPA. He uses a software package so it's a toss up whether to buy my own or use a CPA. I guess we stick with him because we went to a 'large chain' tax service and hardly got anything back or owed according to them. We went to the CPA on the advice of a friend and we got a few $K back that year. We filed amended returns with him and got even more back.

I guess we look on him as our little 'good luck tax charm'. We just don't have to rub his belly.

Mark said...

When I was single I did my own taxes for years, simply because I didn't like the idea of paying someone else to do them for me. I'm sure I lost a lot more money doing them myself, but it was the principle of the thing.

After I got married we found a good CPA who got us a lot bigger returns than I ever could have. Unfortunately, she retired this year and now we have to find someone else.

Good luck!1

Churlita said...

I was thinking about Turbo tax. I think if it costs close to what I'd pay the other people to do my taxes, I'll just pay someone else. If it's quite a bit cheaper, then I'll use it.


That whole "getting more money back" thing was the whole reason I started going to an accountant. But I'm pretty bare bones as far as deductions are concerned, so I don't know if an accountant could really save me that much. I'm going to go to the IRS wevsite and see what they have to say.


Can your old CPA recommend someone for you?

Hey, what happened to your blog? Is it done or moved? I keep just getting some weird site that pops up weird AOL spam. If you're over the one blog, are you still writng on the B horror movie site?

Margaret said...

I do my own taxes, it's not that hard, justsomething I procrastinate on

Churlita said...


Do you use Turbo tax or another program? I'm trying to do it myself so it will be faster than taking it to the tax place. I can't procastinate.

Remiman said...

Unless you earn a gazillion bucks, doing your own taxes can be a brezze with the sotware available. my son the CPA use turbo-tax.

I use mozilla firefox because it let's me load pics almost everytime.

Remiman said...

brezze...that's a frozen breeze. It's that cold here today. ;-)

Mark said...

Yes, my old CPA did recommend another company to prepare our taxes, but I'm really going to miss the personal service she has given us these last 4 years (and cheap, too!)

I deleted my art blog as I was starting to get bored. I'll start a new blog eventually. I already have a few ideas. Meanwhile, I am continuing to update my movie review blog occasionally (only one film a month, though). In fact, I just updated it tonight. A review of Indestructible Man, a stinker of a movie starring the late, great Lon Chaney, Jr.

Margaret said...

i do my own taxes
i've never gotten money back
the 2 could be related

Churlita said...


I figured since I own far less than a gazillion bucks, that doing my taxes would be fairly easy. I think, at this point, I'm going to let time and laziness decide. If I get them done before Friday, then I won't send them to the accountant.

I'm too computer illiterate to mess with my operating system, I'm afraid I'd blow-up my computer. So, now I'm stuck whining about it. I've also noticed that there seem to be more problems with Blogger when I post as late at night as I do.


I'll link to your movie site for now, but please let me know if you start another blog. I can't wait to see what you do with it.


That's what I'm afraid of. I wonder, though, if that has to do with the money you make selling your paintings.

broinlaw said...

I've decided that if there are people who make a living by performing distasteful tasks, then it is best to let the pros do the job.

We need those hardworking professionals doing things like; tax return preparation, automotive repair, dentistry, plumbing, tree removal, butchering and college admissions...


Churlita said...

I could do tree removal. I love doing tree work. Numbers? I'm not so good at.

broinlaw said...

I used to be one of those people who had no qualms about dropping a tree, anytime...anywhere.

One good, but oh so slightly miscalulated topping of a walnut put the fear of our lord Jesus Christ into me.

Wooden Mass + Gravity = Nowhere I wanna be. You need to learn to live in peace and harmony with our cellulosic brothers and sisters in the forest. Call the pros - they are insured.

Churlita said...


It's all about roping and back-cutting. I haven't dropped a tree in a long time, but I've done plenty of tree work. I would actually be happy to meet an insured professional, if he was hot.