Thursday, January 11, 2007

Parents Just Don't Understand

Here is a picture of Coadster flaring her nostrils and making a kissy face. I'm at a loss as to how to respond to this photo.

Okay, kids. This will be short and sweet. (I know what you're thinking - thank god, right?) I have to get up an hour early in order to help Coadster with her show choir hair for her very first competition. I will not be able to attend this spectacle, as it is in another town and I still have Stinky to drive to her various activities. My boss told me it was imperative that I make it to at least one competition, so that I might appreciate the sheer drama/ridiculousness/pageantry/make-up and hair of it all. I think the last one takes place in the Quad Cities in February, on a Saturday night when Stinky should be at her dad's house. I promise I will try to attend, photograph and maybe film a bit of it, so you can appreciate it all with me. I'm afraid to experience it alone.

Here is a picture of Stinky making more of a smirky face than a kissy one. She is not flaring her nostrils, but she's using both hands to make a double barrelled finger gun. Once again, I don't get it.

Stinky had her first basketball game on Tuesday. She did pretty well, especially after I got there and kept reminding her to pay attention. She is definitely my daughter, which means we're better at doing things like running, swimming or bicycling where we can live in our own little worlds, and still compete.

She had her second game today and did much better - they even won. On Tuesday I got really excited, because Stinky's team came really close to almost scoring half the points the other team had.

I am thrilled that I get another three day weekend for the Martin Luther King holiday, but sad because it is the last holiday I'll see until Memorial Day at the end of May. My goal is not to put any pressure on myself to get tons of stuff done and to go sledding at Hickory Hill Park if it snows as much as they say it's supposed to.


Margaret said...

see, I was thinking "Girls with Guns" Stixx, or Styxx... I don't know, I'm not the music girl, my parents' friend was in the band... the girls look fierce! you need some show choir photos, for later teen black-mail

Bice said...

"Please God don't let it snow." is the only prayer I pray any more.

Remiman said...

I rember those days with much nostalgia. Our entire social life revolved around the kids activities. Amazing to me is how we stopped socializing with so many folks after the kids moved on up the ladde of life.
I'll pray for a sledding snow;)

booda baby said...

Oh that was delightful - 'almost scoring half the points the other team had.'

It must be a hard line - how to encourage your girls' (and any kid's) competitive spirit AND keep it healthy. How to remind them it's not anything like a world crisis, but it's important, too. Or something like that. How to teach them to aim for their best but not let a loss mean anything.

Yah. glad it's you, not me. :)

Churlita said...

Your parents are friends with someone in Styxx? Most of those guys were from the same southside Chicago suburbs where I lived, so everyone's dad I knew either went to high school, or partied with a guy in Styxx.


No snow? What, don't you sled?


I'm sure I'll be nostalgic about it once the girls are older, although it's hard to imagine now.

Booda Baby,

There is that fine line. I was really competitive when I was in high school because I didn't have much else. I don't feel that way as much with the girls. I hope they succeed in anything they're passionate about, but if they don't, I don't sweat it for them.

Egan said...

Running, swimming, and cycling? Get her started on triathlons I say. Swimming is the bomb.

Her double barrelled finger gun makes me tremor.

The Retropolitan said...

BWA-HA! I finally untagged you from my spam filter. It is a fortuitous day!

Unfortunately, unable to restore your comment. :(

Churlita said...


I know. Her big problem is motivation. She was on the swim team this year and she really enjoyed it. Team sports are trickier for her, though.


Good. I'll try to comment again and see how it goes.

Fringes said...

Do you not get president's day off?

Your girls are beautiful.

EEK said...

They're so pretty! I was better at the solo sports myself.

Bice said...

No snow? What, don't you sled?

In a word... oh hell no! ::grin::

Churlita said...


Unfortunately, I work for the state and not the federal government. We don't get half the holidays you guys get.


Thank you. I'm with you on the solo sports love.


Truth be told, I'm a little wary of sledding myself. Last year I crashed into a giant manhole cover thing at the bottom of a hill and haven't been sledding since.

Lynnster said...

Churlita - Stinky's pose looks like "Charlie's Angels" to me (both new and old version)...

Churlita said...


I think that was the look she was going for. She just need some feathered hair and two other angels.