Tuesday, January 18, 2011

This Time, Baby. I'll Be Bulletproof.

Here is Archie looking like how I felt at points today.

So, you know how I had that horrible migraine last night, right? Well, I was hoping that today would only be better. But it started out with Archie puking, just as I was headed out to work. Not only did I have to clean up cat puke first thing, I was also late to work. Awesome.

Then I got off work early to give plasma and got the new guy who quickly gave me a hematoma. Awesomer. After I got home from that, I realized my computer stopped working. Of course, at that point, I couldn't mess with it, because I had to pick up the guy from work and head to a memorial service.

The service was for his ex's (who he was with for 10 years before me) dad. This town being as small as it is, (insert the perils of living in a small town rant here) I also knew the man and his family since I was in my late teens/early 20's. So, it was a sad thing for both of us...But especially for the guy.

After the service, we stopped at my place and I took Stinky and two of her friends to a game and the guy worked on my computer. He fixed it by the time I got back and then he took me out for Mexican food where we had a great talk and worked on sorting out our feelings from the visitation and all that led up to it.

So, yes. I did have one of those days, but I cleaned up the cat puke, and I made it to work without much fuss. My hematoma wasn't all that bad and we just switched arms and I gave plasma from my left one. I'm lucky enough that the guy can easily fix my computer...And that we're both willing to talk things out, so that we can get through even the saddest experiences. I guess depending on how you look at it, I really had one of those good days by the end.


MrManuel said...

I like how you listed all these bad things that happened and then in the last paragraph, stated how they were all fixed and not that bad in the end. Awesome outlook!

Tara said...

Was Archie eating too fast? My mom's cat, Joshua, tends to do that and then he winds up puking it up. It's lovely.

booda baby said...

What a day you had, filled with ... everything! That works with just about everything, doesn't it? The how-you-look-at-it magic. Even kitty puke. :)

SkylersDad said...

I am glad you and your guy talk so much, don't ever lose that!

Tera said...

Yeah, what MrMauel said!! P.S. Cat puke? Ugh!!!!

laura b. said...

It sounds like a rough day, that had the potential to be rougher. Glad that you and the guy took good care of each other.

My word verification is "haggy". That's me!

NoRegrets said...

Yes, you did. The roller coaster of life.

rel said...

You had a day that could have knocked you down but you took the high road and made the best of it. Having a friend to commiserate with is a plus too!

I'm going for a colonoscopy today and trying to see an upside to that. :)

Johnny Yen said...

Migraines suck. I used to get them in high school. They ended when two things happened: I started drinking and I stopped living with my father.

The Guy fixed your computer and took you out for Mexican? Better hold on to that one!