Thursday, January 06, 2011

Oh, Baby Just You Shut Your Mouth

Here are people watching a bike race on a hill.

Well, kids. We're only a day away from our cross-country ski trip. I spent most of the evening packing, shopping and hanging out with Stinky.

Tomorrow, I get off work at 2:30. I'll load up my car, gas it up and pick the guy up from his job around 4:30....Then we're off. Yea!

We'll make a very brief stop in Madison so my brother can wax my new skis and have a quick drink and then we'll take off to Baraboo - where our motel is. We'll get there later than we want, but we'll still have all Saturday and much of Sunday to ski, before we head back to Iowa. The skiing conditions aren't perfect there, but at least we'll be able to ski there. There really isn't any snow here.

So, how about you all? Will you hunting down snow, or staying in and hibernating?


rel said...

I'm working, so you and your guy have a great time for all of us.

Tera said...

You have a fun and safe trip Churlita! As for me, I plan on hibernating...and if all goes well, it will not be alone! ;-)

NoRegrets said...

Great photo! And I'll be hunting snow too... woo hoo!

laura b. said...

Is this the first weekend getaway you two have had? I bet it will be great!

I am just working and hanging out.