Sunday, January 30, 2011

Archie putting his best end forward...Judging by the guy's face, it doesn't seem to smell that good.

So, my weekend was just fine. Friday night we had our dinner and the salmon was amazing. Then we did a Netflix streaming of Tom Waits' concert film, Big Time. It was very nice.

On Saturday, I ran and then picked the guy up at 3 to go swimming. They were having that diving tournament at the pool, so in between laps, I would stop and watch people dive off that super high platform...And almost have a heart attack that they were all headed to meet their watery deaths. Jaysus! After the swim and the steam, we headed to the Dublin and the man who was the story editor for the first season of True Blood and then later worked on Weeds, showed up. I talked to him for a minute, because our kids were in show choir together. My favorite bartender, S. was all aflutter, because his wife is a big fan of his writing. The guy and I ended our night by falling asleep on the couch to another movie...But after all the stuff we did, I don't feel too bad about that.

Archie turning around to his other end...And now that he's teething, I doubt it smells that much better.

Today the guy told me he wasn't going to have time to hang out due to some stuff he wanted to get done and some social obligations with other people. I woke up to a text from my friend E. asking me if the guy and I wanted to go swimming with her. I told her that the guy was busy but that I'd go with her. We had a great time swimming and steaming and sauna'ing. Then I asked her if she wanted to meet later for a drink and appetizers. She was up for that, since she had her sons all weekend and wouldn't mind socializing. I told the guy what E. and I were doing and he said he'd love to see us. So, he and his friend Bry met us at Graze and had a drink. They took off to play pool and E. and I had a great talk. When we were ready to go, we stopped by the pool hall and shot a couple of games with The boys. It was such a blast. I'm just learning to play pool, so even when I got the easiest shots in, they all gave me some condescending applause...Even condescending applause felt nice. It was weird for me to go out on a Sunday, but I was so glad I did.


rel said...

You had a great weekend.
We did the socializing thingy both Friday and Saturday nights and yesterday was grocery shopping, lazing and reading day.

Tara said...

I love watching people dive off those boards. The local rec center has several large windows so you can watch swim meets and such.

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

Yoou had a full weekend.. and The Gy I take it is new.. I need to catch up on a lot.. I'm back blogging again....ha ha

Pamela said...

He even has a 'have a cat' shirt! how sweet.

MrManuel said...

Man, you had such a busy weekend. I am continually amazed by your energy!

laura b. said...

Busy! Sounds like lots of fun. I love Tom Waits...have to check out Big Time.

I enjoy the pictures you post of the guy and Archie interacting :-)

booda baby said...

Pool on a quiet Sunday is THE best. (I'm feeling VERY sure about that, too!)