Monday, January 31, 2011

You See I Believe in Nothing and You're Convinced of the Hex

Time to take out the trash...Sorry. All I have are cat pics right now.

Soooo. Apparently, we're getting some kind of crazy blizzard in the next day or two. Right now, they're predicting about a foot of snow. Jinkies! I can't remember the last time it snowed that much at one time.

Now that I cross-country ski, I'm pretty excited about the snow. I guess the trick is to find something fun to do in any type of weather, in order to better appreciate it....I'm still working on an interesting activity for 20 below zero temps, but haven't found anything yet. I'm not sure if hibernating counts.


Pamela said...

20 below - chopping wood to use in a fireplace!

laura b. said...

Hibernating should count:-)
Glad you have found something good about all the winter going around!

booda baby said...

Once you start talking 20 below, the options are narrowed DRAMATICALLY. I think Pamela and laura b. covered EVERYTHING.

Mnmom said...

My favorite activity when it's 20 below:
#1 - throwing buckets of boiling water in the air to make instant clouds.
#2 - putting on warm comfy pjs and going to bed early.

MrManuel said...

Geez! EVeryone I know is getting some kind of blizzard! Well, good thing I love in California and we were in the 60s today.