Thursday, January 20, 2011

I Know a Place That's Safe and Warm From the Crowd

Here is my self-portrait in a bathroom. Quaint.

Sorry. I didn't get around to posting last night, but I'm doing it now. So, that's at least something, right? Anyway, it was a quick and crazy week, and now the weekend is upon us.

I just spent most of the evening making shrimp tomato bisque soup and tomorrow after work I'll pick up the guy and make some black bean burgers with Monterrey Jack cheese and guacamole to go on them and we should have ourselves a right nice meal. I can't wait.

With everything else going on this week, the guy and I didn't really have time to talk about what we'd do this weekend. I think we'll try to get some skiing in. We finally have enough snow that there are a few places that have groomed their snow and laid down tracks for cross country skiing around here and we want to check those out. Of course, it's also frigid cold here, so we might not be able to ski quite as long as we'd like. I'd really like to get some swimming in too, if that works out.

How about you? Will you be looking forward to eating good Winter comfort food or ways to work that off?


rel said...

Black bean burgers with Montery jack.... Yes!
Thanks for reminding me of something I have partaken of in a few years.

laura b. said...

You always make the most delicious sounding meals!

Have a great weekend :-)

booda baby said...

Yum, yum, yum. It looks likes it's about that time when you've already eaten and I'm just starting on the zin. Hope you find great skiing trails!! (Me? I recommend crawling under a blanket and telling stories.)