Monday, April 06, 2009

Everybody Needs a Place to Rest

Here is a photo that Coadster took of the a drive-by we did on an Iowa highway. Man, it all goes by so fast.

This week started with a big yawn. Not a bored yawn, but a sleepy one. I'm basically at the same place I was last week, but a little better. I'm going to try to chip away at cleaning and sleep as much as possible and then cut myself slack on whatever doesn't get done this week again.

The good thing is that I shouldn't be quite so busy during the week, this time and I'm taking a half day of vacation on Friday.

Coadster took this photo of a barn with corn and a quilt painted on it while I was driving on Saturday. It is located between Kalona and Warshington (that's Washington to non-Iowans. Who knows why they add an R to the word wash here).

I'd like to try not to do the thing I usually do, which is fill up that extra four hours with about 120 hours worth of stuff, but I may anyway.

For sure I want to run and then I have to call my doctor's office to get shit straightened out. I got a letter from my insurance company saying they will only cover generic migraine meds. I've never tried the kind they are offering. If they work, awesome. I'll be fine with that. If they don't, I need to start calling around and see who has the most influence with the insurance company, so I can park myself in their front yard, douse myself with gasoline and threaten to set myself on fire until they relent and let me go back to my old meds. God, I hope they dont' call my bluff on that one.

Then I should have a couple of hours or so before the girls get home from track and/or soccer practice. I would really love to drive around the town of Kalona and take more photos of barns with quilts painted on them, tractors working the fields, feedlots and maybe even steal the souls of cute little Amish kids. I know I keep threatening to do this and something always comes up, but one of these days I'll actually make it happen.

Anway, in the interest on working on getting more sleep this week, I'll end this here. You're welcome.


Ananda girl said...

Yuck migraines! I used to have a horrible time with them. Smells can trigger them for me. Anything Avon and hot tar to name a few.

What a misery! I hope your generic medicine works. If not it's a sin to allow someone to hurt like that.
You have my undying sympathy.

jeci said...

I get migraines too and I simply can't imagine not having access to the meds that work for me when I'm in pain, so **I feel for you**. Come to Canada where we WON'T DO THAT TO YOU. Sheesh! [Sends thanks once again to Tommy Douglas in the beyond]

Anyway, I've been meaning to tell you for ages whenever you talk about your migraines that acupuncture was a freaking MIRACLE for addressing my migraines. I really can't say enough about how helpful it's been for me! I did a few months of treatments a few years ago and I'm still going strong. In fact, my Rx expired over a year ago and I haven't refilled it...this after suffering weekly before. In any case, take care.

Remiman said...

We here in northern New York warsh things too.

Anonymous said...

Well, if the insurance company calls your bluff, please make sure the girls keep up your blog. I would sure hate to not have it around to read while you're busy being a cinder. I hope things work out and you can keep the gas can put away.

Susan said...

You're lucky in the migraine medicine category. I was trying to get mine filled once and it wasn't covered and they had nothing generic. I asked the pharmacist what he suggested for my head problems and he pointed at tylenol.

...that, my dear, was the day I was sure I was going to jail for going across a counter at a jerk pharmacist.

Leo said...

Yep, you should do the Kalona thing some day. When you're driving down there, take the blacktop to the left a couple of miles outside of Iowa City that goes down to Sharon Center. You'll see much more fun stuff that way, especially on a summer day.

NoRegrets said...

That's so nice - the quilt on the barn. And I'll sign a petition to the insurance company - maybe that would work so you don't have to set yourself on fire.

Tara said...

Enjoy your half vacation day on Friday!

mighty jo said...

i miss iowa! i moved to madison cause they always said it was like iowa city. i disagree. there is no place like iowa city.
we visited last summer & i got the worst migraine ive ever gotten (nothing to do with iowa--everything to do with my marriage, i think). i threw up in the press citizen parking lot where i had nate pull the car over to. migraine's suck. but iowa is the place of my dreams. thanks for the pictures.

laura b. said...

I say you take those four extra hours and watch two movies! I know how to make the best use of time, really. Trust me.

Thanks for the barn picture too. We don't have so many of those around here.

MrManuel said...

Funny how when we set aside some time for ourselves to "rest", we end up being way busy. I know how it goes.

Churlita said...


I hope the generic ones do too. I'll just have to see...


Socialized medicine would be awesome.

I had a roommate who was an accupuncturist and wanted to try it on my migraines, but I was 20 years old at the time and stupid and scared of needles. Now, I would be fine with it, but can't really afford it. Maybe when the girls are older and out of the house, I'll be able to try it.


Oh good. Then I won't drive you crazy when I spell it that way.


I put that in my will. Coadster would at least post photos on it.


That sucks. As we both know, Tylenol is totally useless for migraines.


Thanks. I really do want to try that road. If it doesn't rain on Friday, I might just do it. If not, I have some paintings I want to work on and then I might shoot for Saturday.


I remember once you told me you wanted to see some of the barns with quilts on them. I'll try to get more and better ones soon.


Thanks. I will, no matter what I do.

Mighty Jo,

I'm sorry you got a migraine when you were in IC. My brother lives in Madison and is always trying to get me to move there, but I'll probably just stay here.


Thanks. If I don't do that in the afternoon. I'll definitely do it in the evening. You know how much I love movies.

Mr Manuel,

That's so true. There's always so many things I want to do and no time to do them.