Monday, April 27, 2009

How Many Lives Are Living Strange?

Here is a picture of a lovely bird bath.

Tonight I'm still sick, so this post will be pretty short and random. Ready?

1.) With my illness and my tendency to create bizarre scenarios in my head, I decided to do some reading up on the swine flu that's been going around. One of the things they suggested in order to protect yourself against it, was to stay away from people who are coughing or sneezing. If I did that, I'd never go into work. It's like the TB ward in my office all year long.

2.) On Sunday the girls and I went grocery shopping. We only had about $50 to spend until I get paid on the first, so we tried to be careful about what all we got. Sure, I had a credit card to use if we went over, but I really didn't want to have to use it. When the guy rang up all of our groceries, it came to $49.18. The girls and I all cheered and the cashier looked very confused, but laughed just the same. Poor guy.

Here are some pretty little daffodils. Happy Spring!

3.) So, this month two of my gay friends are coming back to Iowa to get married. My woman friend and her girlfriend will be here this Friday and my male friend and his boyfriend are coming on the 15th. They are both double professional incomes with no kids and have been waiting many, many years to legally wed. The way I see it, if California doesn't feel like it needs those kinds of dollars, Iowa will happily grab them up, thank you very much. Plus, now I get to see my wonderful friends again. Double bonus.

4.) On Saturday night, some young boy was talking to me at the bar. After he left, one of the women I was sitting with leaned over and said, "You do know that that guy was totally hitting on you, don't you?" Then jokingly finished, "And he was wearing a crochet headband. How could you say no to that?" I think the more appropriate question is, who would say yes to a guy wearing a crochet headband?

5.) You know how I'm always talking about the fact that my girls have almost totally opposite personalities? Well, here's just another illustration:

Stinky: I can't wait until you leave next year and I can have the room to myself.

Coadster: You'll miss me. You already said you'd miss me...

Stinky: Maybe, but it will be nice not to have you bossing me around all the time.

Coadster: You'll miss me doing all the laundry and folding all of your clothes for you.

Stinky: No I won't. I could care less about that kind of stuff. Normally, I just pick something up off of the floor, shake it, smell it and put it on.

Apparently, Stinky is in dire need of a finishing school.


Remiman said...

Stinky sounds like a couple boys I know. ;-)
Get well!

Anonymous said...

Well, we know where Stinky picked up her nickname.

I'm feeling a bit yucky this week, too. I have one allergy (tree pollen) and it's acting up this week.

NoRegrets said...

hi... good for you for not resorting to the credit card. stay within limits!

Ananda girl said...

I know that shopping cheer!

I am so dissappointed in California! I can't believe they did that. Congratulations to your friends and best wishes for a long and happy life together.

My Max and your Stinky would get along well.

Crochet headband! hahahahahahaha

Feel better. I work in a grem factory too. Yikes.

Brando said...

I think the more appropriate question is, who would say yes to a guy wearing a crochet headband?That guy either needs some female friends or better ones.

Tara said...

Does Stinky know about the magic of Febreze yet? It's good for freshening up clothes. I'm not saying I do that...but I have a friend who does. That's all I'm saying. ;)

That's great that your friends can get married in Iowa! I wish it was like that for them in every state, steps I guess.

laura b. said...

Everyone here is totally fixated on swine flu. Working with the public makes life so interesting like that.
I am so ashamed of my state. But good people are working hard on overturning 8.
Your girls are so funny...and Stinky will definitely miss Coadster :-)

MrManuel said...

Yeah, the Swine flu scares me....

California's loss is Iowa's gain. I hope we can turn it around here...

Churlita said...


Yeah. There's probably at least one like her in every family.


I'm sorry you're not feeling well either. Let's hope we both get better soon.


I try. It's pretty tricky to do with two teenagers and my piddly income, but I keep trying.


I bet it's even germier at your job.


I agree. The best part was it was red, white and blue. How Bicentennial of him.


I'll be sure to let her know about your, er, "friend's" Febreeze advice.


You can't control what happens in your state. I just hope it does get fixed there...And everywhere.


Me too. We'd love to be able to share the profits with you guys.