Wednesday, April 08, 2009

She's the Sweetest, hmmm, Pet in the World

Here is the purse of person who owns a three year old girl...Or more accurately, the purse of a person who is owned by a three year old girl.

Tonight was a little different than I expected, but still great. I originally thought that it would be the first night in for-freaking-ever that the girls would both be at their dad's. They did both spend the night there, but were also at my house on and off until nine o'clock anyway. It was fine, I love to see my girls as much as possible. I was just fantasizing about having a few hours of uninterrupted alone time. Sigh.

I did finally watch my zombie movie - 28 Weeks Later. I was going to drink a beer while I watched it, but was starting to feel a little migrainey and alcohol and migraines are mortal enemies and usually wage great wars in my head. So, I got all crazy and drank a soda pop instead and watched all the blood and gore and zombies. I agree with Mr. Manuel, it wasn't as good as the first one, but it was still entertaining.

Before that, I did my one hour's worth of cleaning thing. It's going really well this week, since the girls' track meets and soccer games are out of town, and I can fit it in every night. It still amazes me how much I can get done in one hour.

Before the cleaning, I ran my six mile route. It was about 55 degrees outside and it felt really good. My iPod randomizer thought I might like to listen to some classic rock this evening for the most part, and it was right. Yesterday it thought I wanted to listen to cheesy dance music, and it called that one perfectly too. So, here is a sampling of what my iPod thought I might like to hear on my run tonight:

1.) "Diamond Girl" - Seals and Crofts.

2.) "The Kids Are Alright" - The Who. I listened to the Who a ton on my Walkman when I was in high school, so it's always a running nostalgia favorite for me.

3.) "Arc of a Diver" - Steve Winwood. This song was also big when I was in high school and it reminds me of the first time I ran in the Drake Relays and met Herschel Walker right after he won the Heissman trophy.

4.) "Sabotage" - The Beastie Boys.

5.) "Brandy" - Looking Glass. This song reminds me of being a kid and living in Arizona.

6.) "We Got the Beat" - The Go-Go's. I can't hear this song without instantly thinking of the beginning of Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

7.) "Cynical Girl" - Marhsall Crenshaw.

8.) "Under My Thumb" - The Rolling Stones. This is one of my favorite Stones songs.

9.) "Gimme Danger" - The Stooges.

10.) "Walk in Jerusalem" - Mahalia Jackson. Nothing like a good gospel song to wash off the dirt of The Stooges.

So, now I'm going to bed. I'll let you know if I dream of flesh eating zombies or not.


Ananda girl said...

Sweet dreams!

Remiman said...

Hope you dreamt of being a kid in Arizona.

Pamela said...

yeah, I was all sorta migrainy last night too - but I went to the gym anyway, took it easy, and went to bed early...

I guess I should watch at least one of those zombie movies...

Tara said...

I love "Sabotage" and I used to really love "We Got the Beat", but I've played it too much.

mighty jo said...

when i dont have time for a tarot reading--which is always--i turn on the radio & whatever song is playing will be my forecast for the day. bonnie tyler or pat benetar or any song i LOVE--great day & i will get money in the mail (i swear it happens every time). bob seger or george thorogood, or any song i HATE--awful frickin' day. anymore, i just put a cd in & play it safe!
under my thumb--that's a good day.

dmarks said...

"28 Weeks Later"

How long into the movie before Sandra Bullock gets eaten by the zombies?

booda baby said...

Oh, you got yourself a very nice iPod. Nice nice nice tuneage.

Churlita said...


Thanks. I actually did have sweet dreams last night. No flesh eating zombies...At least, that time.


I wish I had could make myself dream of that.


You should. Though, it sounds like you've seen Shaun of the Dead and that's one of my favorites.


I know. We Got the Beat is so overplayed in general. It is fun to run to.

Mighty Jo,

Way to control your destiny!


That made me laugh at work in my cubicle. Thanks for that.

Booda Baby,

My iPod and I have been on very good terms lately. It knows exactly what I need and gives it to me. How many things can you say that about?

laura b. said...

The two children who still live at home totally tag team my time. One goes off somewhere and Oh! Here is the other one! :-) But of course, of course, I love them.
Your playlist is full of memories for me...all good.

Churlita said...


That's exactly what happened to me. One came home until 8:30 and the other got there right about that time and stayed until 9:30.