Sunday, April 19, 2009

Now Everybody Needs Some Time and Everybody Knows the Rest of It's Fine

Here is a photo that Coadster took when we were at Lake Rath-bun a couple of weeks ago.

So, guess what? I forgot to bring my camera on Saturday night. I know. I must have been off my game.

I got a call from my friend G. on Saturday afternoon to see if I wanted to go out with her and her roommates and I was up for the challenge. We didn't meet until 10, so I had plenty of time to hang by myself and get some cleaning done, after the girls went off to do their things.

I ran into my friends Sara and Catherine on the way to the Dublin.They had just come back from a charity auction and were on their way to the Motley Cow to drink more wine. They invited me along, but I had already made plans.

Catherine and I were friends in college and then she moved away and finally moved back to town last year to take over her family's clothing store that shares her name. She was lamenting the fact that all the people she knew had moved away and she hadn't met any new people who weren't lame. I invited them to come down to the Dublin to meet my friends who are so decidedly not lame and drink margaritas with me. You all know how I am, I love all of my friends to meet my other friends and I hope everyone gets along. Of course, I hang out with almost every kind of person there is, so my little social experiments meet with varied results.

They agreed and I got to show off one group of friends to another. The results this time were really positive. I was worried that there might be alpha female problems between Catherine and G. and D.. Both Sara and I are sassy, but not particularly bossy. Catherine, G. and D. are delightedly sassy and bossy, but they all seemed to be fine with bossing each other around and laughing about it. Both Catherine and Sara agreed to come down and hang out with us on a more regular basis. Score!

Okay. You know how I've been trying to stay away from boys other than my male friends? I guess I'm not avoiding them, I'm just very careful not to get myself in a disheartening situation right now. Anyway, I had some funny, extremely harmless boy anecdotes from Saturday night.

The first one was when I was walking with Sara and Catherine to check out the Northside bars for a little minute. There was a group of guys walking behind me. They said something to me that I ignored. I figure it's a good idea to to tune out stupid drunk people and since I have children, I'm an expert at blocking out whatever it is I don't want to hear. So, one of the guys says, "Hey, I'd much rather have you tell me to fuck-off than to run off and ignore me."

Always willing to oblige someone a simple and attractive request, I turned around and said, "Fuck-off!" Then raised my arms and cheered myself for being so agreeable. All the guys followed suit by raising their arms and cheering me too. Sweet!

Later in the night, I went back to the Dublin and was designated to play songs on the jukebox. If you're a girl, you know you can't walk up to a juke box without some guy coming over and bugging/judging you about your music choices. On Saturday night a guy from Davenport came up and started giving me shit. He had just come from the 311 concert and was in good spirits and cute and pleasant and funny. So, it was fine. I even played the Pantera song he requested. Then when I was done, he introduced himself to me. I told him my name and he said, "Cool. I'll just warn you that I probably won't remember your name. I smoke a lot of pot." My guy friends told me I should give him points for honesty. So, fine. I gave him his imaginary points, but also wasn't tempted away from my self-imposed boy moratorium.


Remiman said...

You are such an astute observer of life!
So how long can this morarorium last?

NoRegrets said...

I'll be writing a post about internet dating. I don't know how to do it. Or, if I want to do it.

mighty jo said...

i wouldnt give points for honesty...ive found men like to downplay themselves because they either find their own short-comings charming or think that we do. yuck.

laura b. said...

It is great when your separate friends hit it off, isn't it?

I am pretty on board the boy moratorium. It's just a lot of trouble for...more trouble. haha!

another good thing said...

Good for you. I hear you on the anti-boy phase... but what about MEN?

booda baby said...

Ah. Another Good Thing stole my comment. You think boys, you get boys. Although, I have to admit, boys are pretty fun. It's the relationship thing they're bad at.

MrManuel said...

So many boys out there giving real men a bad name. The fuck off story was funny.

Churlita said...


I guess until I can finally find a guy who doesn't have severe control, anger and commitment issues. Maybe forever?


I can't wait to read it.

Mighty jo,

I know. Thank god we're not in our twenties any more, so we know better.


Amen to that, sister.

Another Good Thing,

I keep asking that question and so far no one has answered it.

Booda Baby,

Surely, you remember living in Iowa City. Even the guys in their 40's act like boys in this town.


Where are these real men you speak of?