Sunday, April 05, 2009

Saturday I'm Running Wild

I took this on my way home from work. If you haven't heard yet. Iowa's supreme court just legalized gay marriages on Friday. Let the celebrating begin! Wooooo hooo!

Jeez! but it's been one long and hectic weekend. On Friday I went running, grilled brats and then Stinky's friends started coming over. She invited a couple of her girlfriends over to watch movies and spend the night. One of the neighbor boys goes to the local Catholic high school and must have received some kind of girl radar there. He always seems to sense when Stinky is having a girl night and he and his buddies magically show up. They were fine for the most part. I gave them the living room and Coadster and I took over my room. I came out and checked on them often. At one point the guys were jumping around and wrestling and I made them stop out of respect for the upstairs neighbors.

Coadster and I watched movies. I chose the first one, Married Life. It was a pretty bleak look at marriage in 1949 with Chris Cooper, Pierce Brosnan, Patricia Clarkson and Rachel McAdams. It was slower moving and quirky but Coadster and I both really liked it. Coadster chose the second movie we watched, Milk. It was pretty fitting for the recent Iowa news. We both loved it. The acting was amazing. Josh Brolin continues to impress me.

On Saturday we ran a few errands, but then headed down South to the anniversary party. It was fun, but hectic. The girls got to see all of their cousins. The younger ones are pretty damn adorable aren't they?

It's been a while since I posted a mastiff photo, and I figured it was about time. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to capture the giant drool strings she was carrying around for a while though. Sorry.

Here's another gratuitous cute niece photo. Come on, you knew it was coming, didn't you?

As is par for the course at our family gatherings, there was some decent kid wrasslin' matches. These two are in the same grade, but the girl cousin has several inches and pounds on the boy cousin...

So, the match ended with the boy cousin getting some support from his father/trainer.

Don't worry. He was back and demanding a do-over in no time - only this time he wanted a cage match.

Today was my catch-up day. I tried to get done all of the stuff I usually do on Saturday, plus the normal grocery shopping, and getting the girls ready for their choir concert at St Mary's church this evening.

The concert was really beautiful, it was just very long and on a Sunday night.

Whew! Now I'd like another weekend to recover from this weekend, thank you.


Ananda girl said...

What a wonderful sounding weekend. We had a big family weekend too. They are exhausting, but so worth it. Love all the photos. The mastiff shot cracked me up. I know those drool strings!

Remiman said...

I, too, always try to cram a week's worth of living into the weekend.

dmarks said...

The mastiff looks like a monster, anyway. Good enough to audition for "The Sandlot 4"

Pamela said...

Seriously. I crammed way too much into my weekend also. I do want to see Milk... maybe Friday night.

Susan said...

Can you put in for another weekend for me too? Next weekend I'll spend the whole thing going "OMG OMG OMG VEGAS!!!" and probably get nothing done.

Johnny Yen said...

That was great news about Iowa! Although I joke with my best friend Jim, who is gay-- he's watched me go through two divorces; does he really want to get married?

I just added Milk to the top of my Netflix queue-- I've read nothing but great reviews.

My parents lived in the Bay area in the early to mid eighties, and were there when Dan White was paroled. They were outraged, to say the least.

laura b. said...

Great pictures, Churlita :-)

Why can't Cali be as cool as Iowa about the gay marriage issue? It's embarrassing and kind of creepy that we are still hashing that out.

I will definitely have to check out both Married Life and Milk.

Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

We also watched Milk this weekend. Very well done, I thought, but such an awful reminder of how close-minded and condemning people can be to others.

Yay for Iowa embracing civil liberty!

MrManuel said...

I am actually relieved you didn't get the drool strings. That's gross.

Glad you liked Milk - that is a wonderful movie.

booda baby said...

Oh, that all looked very fun. Except for the mastiff bit. I'm over having mastiff drool. Pugs, too. They can dribble with the best of them. The cutie pie niece is sure a cutie pie.

Re: the excellent gay marriage decision. I want to be proud of Iowa, but then I think - hey! That's how it should be.

sissy said...

Those pictures of your niece and newphew are the cutest kids I have ever seen. I think there should be more pictures of them and less pictures of toilets. I guess that is just my personal opinion.

Churlita said...


It sounds like our weekends were pretty similar...Lots of screaming kids. But also lots of fun.


It's crazy, but I must like it or I wouldn't keep doing it, right?


She would be perfect for that, or for a Cujo remake.


I really liked it. It's hard to create an accurate portrait of a complicated and sometimes contrary personality. But I think they did a good job.


Yeah, but won't that be fun anticipating it?

Johnny Yen,

I know, I say that too. I wouldn't recommend it, but if you really want to get married, everyone should be allowed to make that mistake.


I'm not sure how cool we are yet. There's still a chance that it could get Prop here H8'ed too.


For sure. That part was really sad.

Mr Manuel,

They were gross. I wouldn't have put myself close enough to get the drool strings.

Booda Baby,

Exactly. We shouldn't have to have a court decision for something that should exist anyway.


Maybe I could get those cute kids to stand next to toilets or something.

.j.william. said...

I would also like to give shout outs to Iowa for the gay marriage law, whether it ends up getting Prop H8ed or not.

hey--Iowa takes the lead in the presidential caucuses, why not in other areas of politics?