Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tonight I'm Gonna Have Myself a Real Good Time

Here is the Black Angel.

So, what say we lay off the heavy shit from the last post and just look at beautiful stuff and overly cute things? Sound good? Great!

This week is much better than last. We don't have quite as much crap going on. I tried to make a bunch of food on Sunday, so all I'd have to do is heat things up the rest of the week. So, my only plan tonight, was to drop off some leftover leeks and a CD to my friend K. I texted her to see if it was a decent time for me to stop by. She told me she just got kidnapped by her neighbors and they were going to walk their dogs and/or child in the cemetery and did I want to join them. Normally, I'd never have time to do anything like that during the week, but we were sitting pretty good, so I said what the hell?

K.'s gorgeous neighbor A. just happens to have a gorgeous daughter V. who had the most adorable bat costume she ran around the cemetery wearing. I did warn you we might be on cute overload on this post, didn't I?

K.'s other neighbor J. has an Irish wolfhound. She used to have two, but the older, female dog died earlier this year. The male dog she has left is much younger. You can tell by his rebellious emo bangs here.

Here is K. looking all chic and walking her dogs through the cemetery. I used the setting on my camera that makes everything black and white but one color, for an extra, added, creepy effect.

As you all know, you don't really want to overstay your welcome in a cemetery. We followed the signs out and made it to their street.

Here is a photo of V.'s super colorful glove next to her water glass.

Once there, we noticed another neighbor quietly sitting on his porch, and we took no time at all in ruining his peace. K.'s neighbors brought bottles of wine and glasses and we commenced to porch sitting and drinking. There is nothing much better than a gorgeous, Spring, Iowa evening spent walking and then porch sitting and drinking with good people. It was just the break I needed.


Ananda girl said...

Sounds lovely. Relaxing too.

Remiman said...

Ahhh, cemeteries, good friends and neighbors, and best of all; porch sitting and drinking wine: Bliss!

Tara said...

That really is an adorable bat costume! And the fact that she was wearing it and running around a cemetery during the day makes it more amusing. I can just imagine someone glancing out towards that area and seeing a child-sized bat running around.

NoRegrets said...


dmarks said...

That black angel.... I seem to recall a very weird Simpsons episode about something like that, and a shopping mall.

laura b. said...

A kid in a bat costume in a cemetary. Perfect.

Ananda girl said...

Okay Churlita... I have to ask... your title, is it from The Vandals "Don't Stop Me Now"? That's one of my favorite dance-like-a-crazy-person songs. :-)

Churlita said...


It was. I really needed some fun grown-up time to break-up the week.


It was very blissful. We combined so many of my favorite things.


Ha ha. I know. I'm sure any passers by were a little perplexed.


Very much so.


I'm not sure I've seen that one. I'll have to see if I can find it on YouTube.


It was. She's such a sweet girl too.


It's Don't Stop Me Now, but the version I have is by Queen. My daughter is a huge Queen fan.

mighty jo said...

i love that cemetary. i love the black angel. i have fond memories of playing hide & seek after getting off work at the 'burg. i miss iowa city!