Wednesday, April 15, 2009

There's a Black-Winged Gull With a Broken Back

Here is Stinky at her confirmation.

Well, I just spent most of my evening at Stinky's confirmation. I'm beat and tomorrow will be a mosh of soccer games and track meets and a choir performance. Since most of these things are out of town, it will be more logistical issues of getting teenagers where they need to be and fed and maybe find some kind of helmet to wear that will keep my head from exploding.

Oh, and during the day tomorrow, I'm going to leave work and meet the girls at their dental check-up to talk about getting a certain 15 year old some badly needed orthodontia. My insurance will cover a little of it, but it sounds like the bulk will come from me and so I might have to scout around for a good bank to rob. Let me know if you're privy to any insider information. Thanks.

Okay, the rest of this post will be short and full of religious icons. I'm sure it's because I grew up Catholic, but the dramatic religious statues fascinate and creep me out all at the same time. I keep expecting them to come alive and start bleeding or talking or something.

FMDM and I were instant messaging for a couple of minutes today. He's been trying to get me addicted to a new video game and judging from the other games he hooked me on, I'm sure I'll be trying to liquify and shoot this new game into my arm in no time. He also gave me shit about the fact that he thought I'd start on fire just walking into a church. But I'll have you know, I'm still here and at normal body temperature. So there.

I think this is a statue of St Francis. He was my favorite Saint as a child and we had a book about how he was the animal protector. As a kid I fancied myself as a savior of animals and tried to heal birds and baby bunnies from the dogs and cat attacks in the neighborhood. I guess I wasn't very good at it, because most of them died. I'd put their dead bodies in margarine tubs to bury in the backyard, but the Arizona ground is usually too dry and hard for a kid to dig up, or else I was just lazy. Usually, my poor brother would end up cursing me when he came across the stacked-up tubs of decomposing creatures while cleaning out our carport. Oops.


laura b. said...

Stinky's smile is a bit devilish for someone being Confirmed. Someone is clearly doing something right with that kid!

PS-If you head explodes just try and collect the biggest pieces. Thats what I do.

Ananda girl said...

Great post. Stinky looks very nice and proud. I love getting a glimpse of people's childhoods. Good luck finding that helmet! ha

Remiman said...

I met my first girlfriend at our confirmation ceremony.

DJSassafrass said...

Peggle addiction is the way to go. For real. I can't stand vids for very long, but I have already spent way too much time playing this.

mighty jo said...

stinky is beautiful--she looks like you.
while im pretty sure finian is going to pull a "bob roberts" on pagan boy sawyer has screamed both times ive tried to take him into a catholic church.

when i was a little girl i was bitten by a snake, a dog, a squirrel, & a stray kitten as i tried to save them. they all lived. the ones who didn't bite me didn't fare so well.
i love the image of a margerine tub crypt.

Mnmom said...

Your daughter is beautiful.
Was that St. M's by any chance?
When my head explodes, I like to giggle at who got the largest chunks on them, takes the gravity out of the situation.
The idols in the catholic church always creeped me out too - like crazed dolls in horror movies.

Pamela said...

Oh, that's so funny. Tubs o' decaying animals.
Sorry about the orthodontia... Wish I knew of a fund you could get it out of.

Tara said...

Some religious statues are kind of creepy.

Good luck today, I hope the helmet helps. Plus if you get frustrated during the day, you can bang your head against the wall a couple times and the helmet will keep you from hurting yourself.

movin down the road said...

so, it doesn't slow down when the kids get older. darnit.

MrManuel said...

This post reminded me that my confirmation was the last time I went to confession. Not good...

Anonymous said...

I was confirmed way back in the second grade. I don't remember much of it.

Luckily, if that is a devilish look on Stinky's face, there's a priest nearby to take care of it.

Churlita said...


Ha ha. Thanks. I need to start walking around with a bucket to put the pieces in.


Maybe I'll make one out of tinfoil to keep the harmful rays out too.


That's so sweet...Or was it?


FMDM said you two were going to play on XBox live last night. How did that go?

Mighty Jo,

Thanks. Maybe you do better with the ones who bite a little than those who don't.

Mn Mom,

You called that right. It was St M.'s. At least there aren't clown saint statues, or I;d really be freaked out.


That's okay. I usually figure something out.


That's perfect. I hope to be tons of head banging with my new helmet...Once I find it.


No, sadly. I think it actually gets worse.

Mr Manuel,

Damn. It sounds like when you do go, you might be there for a while.


Exactly...And tons of holy water too.

.j.william. said...

I wonder if a lot of lapsed catholics are just disappointed that the statues never come alive or bleed.