Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Lookin' in the Sun For Another Overload

Here is the top of a door at McBride Hall.

So, I don't have a lot to blog about. This weekend, I decided I'd try to be healthier in general in a lot of different ways. I wanted to slow things down, and relax and try to get more sleep. I also thought I'd try to be more physically healthy, by eating better and getting more exercise. So, what this means is that I am boring as hell right now.

Like last night, the girls were in and out of my house briefly, and so I spent most of the night listening to music by myself and making potato leek soup and hummus. Bo-Riiiiing! (well, too read about, but wonderfully relaxing to do) Then today I brought my camera to work and was all ready, but never saw the unicyclist. Damn.

The most exciting thing I've done in a couple of days took place this evening when I walked to the Co-op to buy some really good bread to go with the soup and hummus, and took a detour through this alley to see what was behind some of the downtown buildings. No, I didn't uncover a hidden city of gnomes or anything, but I've lived in this town on and off for 25 years and never explored this area before.

I decided to look up during my tour and this is what I saw. A broken window.

These duct looking things. I think you know how much I like to take pictures of weird industrial looking shit. This little section of alley was like a back lot, exposing all the tubes and wires of the quaint downtown facades. It was so cool.

Don't you think this frantic mess of wires has to be violating about a million different city codes?

So, that ends my dorky back alley tour of Iowa City. Come back tomorrow, when I photograph underneath railroad bridges...Just kidding. I don't think I want to make a huge effort to go trolling for hobos right now, since my goal was to try and be more healthy.


Remiman said...

An ecclectic life is never boring. ;-)

DJSassafrass said...

I've been doing steady exercise and calorie counting since the start of the new year. Cut WAAAAAAAAY back on the smoking too. I don't have much to show for it so far, but maybe I'll have some extra years later in life. Plus, I guess I just feel better about myself. And you know me, love keeping busy and having things to do.

dmarks said...

"No, I didn't uncover a hidden city of gnomes or anything"

Dumpster-gnomes kind of smell, too.

Pamela said...

those ducts look like giant worms...

egan said...

You'd think all the wires could just go away with it being 2009 and such. Hey, potato leek soup is damn good stuff.

MrManuel said...

Relaxing is sometimes good. It doesn't always have to be on the go always.

Churlita said...


I've never been bored, but I worry that writing about it might be boring for a reader.


Smoking increases your metabolism, so cutting back or quitting can make people gain weight. It sounds like you're trading a negative addiction for a positive one, so I bet after a couple of months, you really start noticing a change.


EW. I bet they do and I hope never to find out.


I know. Like giant, metal robot worms. Creeeepeee.


We're probably a little behind here in Iowa in making the world wireless.

Mr Manuel,

That's exactly what I'm shooting for - some less go, go, going.

laura b. said...

I love your hidden world photos. I think the backside of things is very interesting :-)
And, I love potato leek soup..mmmm..