Tuesday, March 31, 2009

You're Looking All Around, There is Trouble to be Found

Tonight I'm putting up some photos of us being extremely mature and making fun of really bad paintings. I would like to meet the artist who wanted to paint topless women with HUGE asses. I'd ask that person what his/her motivation was and laugh myself into a coma when they tried to give me a serious answer.

So, here's how it went today: I made it to work and it was fine. Then I left a half hour early to walk to the dentist. The temperature had dropped substantially, while the winds whipped up, and I froze the whole way there.

The dentist was also just fine. I really hate getting dental work done, but my cavity was very small and took less than a half hour to fill. A Neko Case song even came on their satellite radio station during the procedure.

Here is my girl crush reaching for the big gun.

After the fun of all that, I had to hurry to my daughters' track meet. I stopped at home to pick up blankets and change into my warmer, Winter, big man boots.

The meet was almost unbearably cold and windy. Those two girls are the only people in the world I would ever sit through that for. I'm sure the rest of you are very nice people and all, but I can't think of anyone else worth the torture of sitting on the wet, hard ground while freezing winds blew snow in my face. Honestly, I would rather have gone back to the dentist and let them drill some of my other teeth for a while.

All whining aside, Stinky did pretty well at her first home high school meet. She's still not 100% after her illness and is sleeping 12 - 13 hours at night, but she came close to hitting her personal best in shot putt and wasn't too bad in the discus either. Coadster may have pulled her hamstring and wasn't able to jump or run this time around.

Here is me pretending to make-out (just so you know, I was goaded into posing this) with a painting of what I think is supposed to be Chuck Bronson, but who looks a little more like Freddy Krueger.

I stayed around until Stinky was done throwing. She still had to run in the throwers' 4 x 100 relay. I had given her the option of me sticking around for another two hours in the frozen depths of hell to watch her run, or to have me go to the store and buy food and then go cook, so that they could come home to a nice hot meal. Both the girls chose what was behind door number 2.

I get paid once a month on the first, and learned this little trick early on. If you have ever lived paycheck to paycheck, you may have heard of it. You go the day before payday and write a check for money you won't really have until midnight. See how creative I am? Neat-o.

So, I came home and made chicken breast sauteed in garlic, butter, white wine and basil, some rotini pasta, red sauce and steamed asparagus. Coadster called me at about 9 to come pick them up and they were both very, very happy to come home to a pleasant smelling house, and a carb replenishing meal.

The end.


Remiman said...

I don't know, I've stood, chilled to the bone, through some pretty nasty soccer games.

Mr Atrocity said...

I have paid to stand and get frozen at football (soccer) and rugby games. It isn't fun though is it?

DJSassafrass said...

Boo! You forgot to mention how you ran into an extremely adorable DJSassafrass! haha...and I know your bank game well!

Susan said...

I'm officially starving now.

NoRegrets said...

Will you cook for me??

laura b. said...

I guess as much as I love track meets, I never had to attend them under those conditions.
Those circumstances are about the only time I write checks! Cashiers, if I am not using my debit card, I am totally kiting a check.

Tara said...

When a group of us went to South Carolina, we made out with a movie poster. We were all part of a fan club for Dougray Scott and we all went to see his movie "Enigma". Had to take turns taking photos near his poster, too.

Ananda girl said...

You are a good mom, Churlita! Those girls are lucky.

Poptart said...

yum, i love asparagus season!

booda baby said...

That was the WORST part of running track - the season it came in. Even worse than doing a sport I hated. Ha. I bet I write this every single time you tell a track meet in cold weather story.

Still, it's almost worth it to come home to deliciousness. Your girl crush IS adorable, but she's no you who'd wait til 9 for dinner.

Churlita said...


Yeah. Me too. I think Coadster's first soccer game is next week and it isn't supposed to warm up a whole lot between now and then.

Mr Atrocity,

It sure isn't. I guess I didn't have to really pay, unless you can't buying hot chocolate to warm the girls up.


Sorry. I should start a new blog just about my social interactions at the grocery store, I go there so often. I was talking with some of my other neighbors with kids and we joked about how they should put a bar in the store, so parents could at least pretend to have a social life.


I'm sorry. You'll have to fly in for dinner sometime.


Absolutely. I love to feed people. You just have to move to Iowa.


So many people in my town work for the same institution. I'd love to know how many more checks are written at the store on the last day of the month.


Do you still have photos of that? I'd love to see them. I bet they're really funny.


Thanks so much. I try, I'm sure with mixed results.


Me too. Even if it does make my pee smell funny.

Churlita said...

Booda Baby,

Thanks. 9 is a long time to wait for dinner. But as we both know, it could, and will be later on some nights.

movin down the road said...

I want to eat dinner tonight at your house. i am starving and tired of toast!