Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Picking Up the Pieces, Putting Them Away

Here are the girls riding bikes when they were younger. I think that was Stinky's first broken arm. She has made us old pros at emergency room visits.

Yes, well. Today has been pretty long again. I didn't sleep very well last night and a lot of today was spent trying to get a certain Stinky girl to drink and eat something...Anything. The drinking was the most important. She kept telling me everything tasted weird. She had some water, a little Sprite and finally pineapple orange juice. The Dr. said she had to drink things that had calories, so any of those fancy 0 calorie Propel type drinks were out.

As you know, my girls and I are big eaters, so this whole concept of trying to get Stinky to eat and her not wanting to, is extremely foreign to me. It took her over four hours to eat a piece of cinnamon toast and a few raspberries. I got smart at dinnertime and made her favorite food - a BLT. She's never said no to bacon before, and this was no exception. She ate a half sandwich and it gave me hope that she was getting better. Behold the power of smoked pig.

Tomorrow I'll go back to work, sit in my beige cubicle and try really hard not to call home every five seconds for updates. The sound of my daughter's coughing and belabored breathing will be replaced by the guy who sits behind me with the bad acid reflux trying to disguise his chronic belching by saying, "bwifff" or "bwarrrf". I'll ask him if he's speaking Klingon like I usually do and we'll both laugh and things will start to go back to normal. Being reminded of what the alternative can look like, normal sounds pretty good.


Remiman said...

Who ever thought that acid reflux would be preferable to being home with a child, albeit a sick child.

Susan said...

In honor of this post I'm going to spend the rest of the day speaking in Klingon.

Pamela said...

Huh. Maybe when I burp I speak Klingon without knowing it.
You could get her regular gatorade...that has calories.

Tara said...

What a relief that she started eating again! I certainly wouldn't be able to turn down a BLT.

Not Fainthearted said...

Very glad she's getting something in her. And what about Mom? Are you eating/sleeping??

Yer'all in my prayers.

MrManuel said...

Well, I wish I could say, I hope things are better now, but I also know from Facebook that your other daughter is sick now too. Hope it all turns around soon.

laura b. said...

The little pleasures of real life after having caught a glimpse of some horrible alternative. A very valuable thing to be cognizant of.

booda baby said...

Oh,poor poor Stinky. It must be so hard to be a mom at times like these. Buck up little Churlita.

Churlita said...


I don't think it's preferable. It's just what I do at work.


That's awesome. I bet work was a lot of fun for you today.


You should ask your friends if your belches sound like Klingon.


I went with a trusted favorite and luckily it worked.


Thanks for asking. I'm eating and starting to sleep again. I'd hate to get sick myself right now.

Mr Manuel,

I think they're both feeling better. We'll see who actually goes to school tomorrow.


Definitely. Right now, normal is good.

Booda Baby,

I'm pretty bucked up now. Tuesday was the worst, and it's been getting better and better since then.

Mnmom said...

Bacon is an awesome power in our world.