Sunday, March 01, 2009

And Where Will She Go and What Shall She Do When Midnight Come Around?

My friend J. who's idea it was to go to Shakespeare's on Saturday night.

Okay, kids. It's Sunday night, but the good news is that it's also finally March. In March, it will start getting warmer and we'll begin Daylight Saving's Time. The other good thing about March, is that I get to start taking my vacation time that I save during our busy season at work. I'll use a day and a half this month and April and then in May I'll use one day and we'll get a holiday. Then through the Summer, I give myself at least a week a month. I can't wait for the extra time.

The scene at the bar.

This weekend was wonderful again. Friday night, Coadster and I got taco pizza from Happy Joe's and watched movies. Stinky went to a basketball game and then came home. It was so nice and mellow. Oh, how I enjoy my slothful Friday nights.

Speaking of movies, I watched a few this weekend. I watched the Vicky Cristina Barcelona movie, and watching Scarlett Johansson and Penelope Cruz make-out was worth probably anything you would pay to see it...And I'm totally straight. Oh, and Javier Bardem would also have been worth the price of admission.

I saw The Visitor as well, and really liked it. Richard Jenkins was rightfully nominated for an Oscar. His performance was amazing.

Finally, I saw Factory Girl about Edie Sedgewick. It probably wasn't the best movie in the world, but it was more of a nostalgia thing for me. When I was 19, my friends and I would take acid and listen to The Velvet Underground and fantasize about living in Andy Warhol's factory. I know a lot of stupid kids did the same thing back then, the movie brought back some of those memories for me.

The performers performing and one woman dancing and dranking to them.

Saturday during the day, the girls and I went to the mall. It was packed again. One thing I will say about this economic crisis, is that it seems to have taken food prices through the roof, but you can buy clothes for almost nothing. Seriously. I bought skirts for .97 cents a piece, and we got Coadster's $100 prom dress for $65. Crazy, huh?

This time someone besides me was getting flipped-off.

While I was at the mall, my friend G. called to say that she and her roommates were going out to Shakespeare's to see some guys play kind of bluesy music for free and ask if I wanted to go. Sure. What the hell. So, I was designated driver and we went for a bit. It was also packed, and mostly by people who weren't in their twenties. It's always so refreshing to see people my own age when I go out.

Here's me and D. and my hair in her face.

We stayed until midnight. My friend K. and her boyfriend A. even joined us, and I hadn't gone out with them since New Year's Eve. I eventually drove everyone to the Dublin, where I drank soda and never ceased to be amused by my less sober friends.

This guy sure doesn't seem to appreciate the close proximity of hot brunettes to him, does he?

At the end of the evening, my drunk friends piled into my mom car and I drove them to their destinations. I didn't even have to worry about waking up with a hang over. Nice.

Soooo, were you able to stay hang-over free this weekend?


Pamela said...

yes indeed... lots of free-ish food too, which makes for a great weekend. Coraline in 3D, which was fantastic in the bizarre sense of the word.

dmarks said...

"I bought skirts for .97 cents a piece"

Good news for women and crossdressers, I guess.

Tara said...

I want to see "Vicky Cristina Barcelona". I just rented and watched the movie "No Country for Old Men" and really liked Javier Bardem in that movie, even though he was a psycho.

booda baby said...

If hangover free weekends were tokens, I'd have enough to never have to ... wait. This is going nowhere good. Can't be done (well, at least not by me.)

This weekend, though, was NOT one of them. I like when we take turns that way. :) Thanks for being DD.

Nate said...

Wow, I thought I was a pirating movie machine, but you are out doing me

laura b. said...

Sounds like a perfect blend of relaxation and fun, kid time and grown up time.
My weekend was competely hangover free...but I can't remember the last time it wasn't. How sad!

Chance said...

Went to see a cover band that plays punk and new wave from about 1978 to 1984 or so - lots of Costello, Clash, Sex Pistols, Lou Reed. Good stuff and the setlist keeps the frat boys away. Stayed hangover free by not drinking more than two, though I did wish I was.

Not dead yet. Thanks for caring.

MrManuel said...

I hope March is better than my January and February.

I didn't want to see Vicki Christina, but those two making out has me intrigued!

Churlita said...


I really want to see Coraline. So, does that mean you liked it?


And since one of the skirts, was plaid, maybe kilt wearers as well.


He's a lot hotter in this movie because he's not nearly as psycho.

Booda Baby,

I hope your hangover wasn't too bad at least.


I never pirate movies. I have a friend who does that for me. Although, none of these movies were pirated this time.


My weekends are usually hangover free. Because of my migraines, I've always had to be really careful with alcohol. Lucikly, no one can tell since I act just as dorky when I'm sober.


That sounds really fun. I'd love that.

I'm glad you are still alive. It's nice to "see" you on here.


I hope things go better for you too. Maybe you could just rent it and forward to the good part.