Thursday, March 26, 2009

There's a Party In My Mind...And I Hope It Never Stops

Here is a picture looking down Iowa Avenue in downtown Iowa City.

Damn, but it's been one long week. Lucky for me, I scheduled myself a half day of vacation tomorrow. Originally, it was just going to be a little time treat for myself, but now it might just be recovery and resting. Stinky really wants to go to school tomorrow. If nothing else, she's pushing to at least go in the afternoon. We'll see. Coadster came home sick today from school complaining of nausea. She was really pale and weak, so I doubt she was faking it. I think all this illness is more from all of us needing to slow it down...Hopefully, we can do that in the next month or two.

Okay, but back to this weekend. Tomorrow I get off work at noon and then I plan on running. After I shower and clean the house a little, I'll start getting ready for the evening. I traded nights with my ex for my friend G's however many years straight 29th birthday party. My girl crush is coming to town for it, and loads of people we know will show up on and off all night.

A smaller group of us are starting off at G.'s house for pizza. Then at some point we'll head to the Coyote Ugly type bar where the bartenders wear bikinis and dance on the bar and there are reports of a stripper pole too. It should be hilarious, with the kind of bawdy dames I'll be traveling with. Then, when that finally wears thin, we'll head on down to the Dublin, where I'm sure we'll push all the tables to the side and have a crazy dance party there too. It sounds perfect for the frame of mind I'm in right now.

Saturday night I'll have the girls and they have been planning on having a mellow night with some of the other neighborhood girls to watch movies and maybe sleepover at one of their houses. I told them they were welcome to hang at my place, but one of the other girls just moved into a new, bigger house, so they might just go there, which would give me another night to myself. I'd be happy either way. My only real goal for Saturday is to watch 3:10 to Yuma at some point. I guess every girl needs a goal, right?

As usual, I'd love to hear your weekend plans. Will you be dancing at a Coyote Ugly type bar with other salty broads, or will you be watching gritty Westerns at home?


Ananda girl said...

Sounds like fun. I have no plans as yet, other than recovering from being away. But you never know what may pop up. Hope you all continue to recover and have a ball.

Remiman said...

Working again.
Remember I'm taking the summer off.

NoRegrets said...

Enjoy the weekend! I'm going to try bikram yoga. We'll see if I pass out.

Mr Atrocity said...

Sounds like a good weekend to me. Hope the girls are feeling better as soon as.

The main event of my weekend will be going to see Metallica for the first time in 17 years. It's scary to think that there'll be people there who can legally have kids who I could legally have fathered the last time I saw the band. Yeesh.

Mnmom said...

That photo looks like it's just outside Joe's - where I spent many Friday afternoons. My other haunt was the Deadwood - please tell me it's still there.

laura b. said...

I hope everyone feels better and better over the weekend. I believe the boys around here would appreciate some pictures of the bikini girl bar :-) Okay, I would too...that's kind cool.
My weekend will, naturally, be much less cool.

Susan said...

I saw Monsters vs Aliens. Really all it took to make me happy in regards to that movie was that one of the main characters is named Susan.

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

One of my all time favorite albums is Fear of Music and I just listened to it before I read your post. The weekend is over, but I watched Stepbrothers, cleaned out the junk drawer in the kitchen and made meatballs and marinara from scratch. My back is out again - so I'm laying a bit low.

Sorry I haven't checked in for awhile - I've missed reading your blog.

jeci said...

I'm v. relieved that it looks like Stinky is going to be OK. I can imagine how stressful that would be for you! Not to mention poor Stinky! Hope you had a fun, ER-free weekend. :)