Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wouldn't it Be Nice If We Could Wake Up In the Morning When the Day Is New

Coadster took this of the John Lennon Memorial in Central Park. She also got a photo of the front of the building where he lived.

So, it's like Friday night here at my house tonight. Although, I do have to wake up and get the girls to track practice by 9, so I won't get to sleep in as late as I want on my vacation day Friday. My house is pretty clean right now, so hopefully I won't have to waste my day off doing practical stuff, and we can all just have fun instead.

Happy first day of Spring! It's cooled off some since Tuesday, but better 50 above, then 50 below zero. It still makes running very pleasant.

Last night I watched a documentary called Cocaine Cowboys. Have you seen it? I really liked it. It was all about drug trafficking in Miami in the 70's and 80's. Sure, I'd seen Scarface and Miami Vice before, but this got all into the history, the background and the aftermath of it all. I highly recommend it.

Now, for this weekend. I'm kind of just going with things. My friend G. asked if I wanted to go for a beer on Saturday, and I have a few other friends who have tentatively planned to go out as well, but nothing definite. Coadster has a babysitting job on Friday night and Stinky is still grounded through the end of the weekend, so I'm sure I'll be spending some quality time at home with the youngest. I guess I'll just have to let you know what happens on Sunday night.

How about all y'all? Do you have definite plans, or are you flying by the seats of your pants this week?


Remiman said...

Fluing by seat of pants.
Hoping not to land in Hudson.

His Sinfulness said...

It is Spring Break in my world, so I am doing a lot of sleeping...

Ananda girl said...

It's Spring Break here too and I get it off like the kids do. For the time being I'm just trying to get over the crud. But there is talk about maybe the coast on Tues. Cross your fingers I'm better by then! My youngest is going to his friend's for the week, so most of my week I'll be completely alone. How odd that will be.

laura b. said...

I have exciting plans that include working tomorrow and sleeping in on Sunday. Awesome.
Have a great seat-flying weekend, Churlita!

Mr Atrocity said...

I've a great weekend, saw a Picasso show with a buddy, played some guitar, watched some rugby, drank some beer and hung out with my beloved too. All good.

Tara said...

That's a nice memorial.

This weekend I did a lot of lounging and on Saturday my friend invited me to her hotel room cuz she was on vacation from her five kids and we hung out for a bit and watched "The Banger Sisters". Today I cleaned up my apartment a bit and planted some flowers and herbs.