Monday, March 09, 2009

Lefting and Then Righting, Its Not a Crime You Know

Here is a bench with several issues, kind of close to the Co-op. Do you think anyone is brave enough to actually sit on it?

I think my cold is mostly better. I tried to run when I first got off work, and it was really rough at first. After a mile, I wondered what the hell I was thinking, then after two miles, the endorphins kicked in, and I felt better than ever. I didn't run for three days, so I had lots of energy and felt like I could move buildings all by myself by the time I finished. I really, really love that high. I just hope I get to keep running on a regular basis, until next Winter. It helps me in every way possible.

So, Stinky came out of last trimester with a D+ in Algebra. So close, and yet, so far. She really tried the last part of the tri, too bad she didn't at the beginning. She's grounded for two weeks and she doesn't get her phone for a month. It was going to be the whole tri, but I suddenly remembered high school and the fact that when any of us were grounded for too long, we figured, screw it, if we were never going to be ungrounded, we might as well do whatever we wanted. So, if she hands in all of her assignments for the next month, she'll get her phone back then, but she can lose it just as easily, by missing an assignment. Sigh. I really do hate this shit. A woman I work with told me if I really wanted to put the fear of god into her, I should threaten to take away all of her shoes except her track shoes and one other pair. For a girl who loves her footwear as much as Stinky does, that seems a little too cruel, even for me.

Tonight the girls went to their dad's at seven, so I decided to have a beer in a frosty pint and watch the movie Shooter with Marky Mark. My girls give me shit about showing my age by not calling him Mark Wahlberg. Too bad. I am forty-three years old and I can't help but show my age, just by walking in a room. Since, I love being in my forties, I think that's a good thing. So, I guess what I'm trying to say, is that I'll call him Marky Muthah fucin' Mark, whenever I feel like it... Oh, and how was the movie, you ask? Pretty unbelieveable. Lucky for me, I just really wanted to watch a bunch of shit blow-up tonight, and it was really good in that respect.


Ananda girl said...

I don't run, I walk... fast, including up and down stairs everyday for an hour. I too like that buzzzzzz.

The bench is scary. Great photo!

Tara said...

I remember back when grounding was just when we couldn't ride our bikes or go out and play with friends. Now there are lots of different ways to ground. Good luck to Stinky for the next trimester!

Pamela said...

um, should I mention I never got grounded? goody girl me...
glad you watched the blowing up of things and didn't do it yourself.

Susan said...

I was once grounded from reading any books and playing D&D. Yes, I was that girl.

Anonymous said...

I found myself grounded quite often in my school days. Math was my subject in school and I hope Stinky learns to enjoy math.

Anonymous said...

By the way, you got tagged for the word of the week. Please pick a word.

laura b. said...

I'm sure Stinky learned her lesson here, even before the punishment implementation portion of it. I'm sure she'll do much better now.
I'm glad you're feeling better and um, hell yeah, Mark Wahlberg will always be Marky Mark, with or without the Funky Bunch!

Brando said...

I will have to remember the shoe punishment, that's a good one.

I do not know these endorphins that you speak of. You mean if you keep running, you feel better eventually? ;-)

MrManuel said...

I was never grounded - ever. I guess I was just a good boy.

Johnny Yen said...

"Are You Ready For the Country." Oh man, are you on a roll with the titles of your posts!

I can't remember actually grounding either of my kids. I'd comment on it as a punishment, but I don't think I was ever grounded, so I don't know if it was effective or not. I think my fuck-up brother was, and he continued to be a fuck-up, so that probably says volumes about grounding as a punishment.

Churlita said...


That sounds so great and healthy of you.


Thanks. She's doing much better so far.


Good for you. You were probably an easy child to parent. My girls have each been grounded once. The threat of it, usually works pretty well...Usually.


You know when you tell me those things, I like you even more. That's so great.


That's what's so weird. She loves math and it's easy for her. she's just lazy and bored, so she doesn't do her assignments. It's maddening.


Thanks for giving me a witness on the Marky Mark. I knew I wasn't alone out there.


You will not only feel better, you will get really, really high and it will not only be free, but legal too.


Either that, or you were sneaky enough not to get caught...Just kidding.

Johnny Yen,

It was supposed to be a deterrent, but since my bluff was called, I had to follow through. I hope I never have to do it again.