Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It Makes You Feel Happy Like an Old Time Movie

Our cute, chubby tree.

I'm going to try to make this short tonight. It's another one of those, it's late and I'm tired posts.

You know how sometimes you just get into the holiday spirit? It's not like you have any money, or that you still don't have an attitude about everything in general, but you're actually feeling it? That's how I got tonight. I walked home with the snow hitting my face and shoveled that same snow for about a half an hour. Somewhere during that, I had this weird feeling that things were exactly as they should be. It's a week before Christmas. It should be snowing. I should be shoveling it. I almost felt like defying the elements and running outside too, but then I remembered that not everyone comes home from work and cleans their sidewalks, so a jog around town could be a little uncomfortable.

I took my new found holiday appreciation to a restaurant and splurged on inexpensive take-out sushi for me and the girls (if you take it out, you don't have to waste money on drinks or a real tip). The girls were most appreciative. The only problem, is that I gorged myself and had big expanded rice belly, so I had to take a power nap before I could start getting the tree going.

The ornament Coadster made me in second grade.

Our tree this year is short and squat. Both the girls have used the word "cute" to describe it several times now, but it is fitting.

When I first split with my ex, I was broker than broke. I had a tree that year, but I could only afford to buy one cheap box of red ornaments. Every year since then, I've let the girls pick out one ornament a year for me to buy. Those along with the ones people have given us, and the others my daughters made have since taken over our tree. We don't even have room for the boring red ones anymore. My favorite one is in the photograph above. It's made from plaster, or clay and weighs about 100 pounds, and looks like Mr Bill on acid. Coadster made it in second grade and I'm sure I'll hang it on my tree every year until somebody steals it from me at my nursing home and finally throws it away.

Okay, this is me being a sorry, mushy sap. It's kind of sick, but I figure I gotsta go with it when I'm having these holiday spirit pangs. Don't worry, I'm sure by tomorrow I'll be back to my old self, swearing in front of young children, and kicking puppies.


Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

That is a "cute tree".. I love homemade ornaments..they are the bestest thing...

Remiman said...

We have a "mini" tree this year and I did, in fact, call it cute after I put it up last night. It wasn't supposed to be a mimi but after unscupulous trimming it's now much shorter than intended.
We too put the favared homemade ornaments on every year. Some of the original store boughts no longer come out of the box but the kids elementary school works of Christmas art always have a place of honor in the front of the tree so that they show up in all the photos.

Snowing today already. Supposed to get 6". Guess I'll be shoveling too. Nothing like snow shoveling in Dec. to imbue one with the spirit of Christmas.

jenny said...

"Mr. Bill on acid" is about the most perfect description I ever could've imagined! I'm telling you - have your daughter make a few more of those and put them on etsy - they're retro-fabulous!

booda baby said...

I got a good gasp and swell of good cheer outa this baby. I can't believe our tree isn't up, that there hasn't been enough time. So this is pretty much the ULTIMATE in vicarious-osities. It's beautiful. THanks for all the work.

Mr Atrocity said...

Mushy is good, feeling a bit festivey is good. I'm starting feeling a little jolly myself now.

Tara said...

Oh yum, I love sushi. A perfect holiday snack for when one is about to decorate a nice tree like that. Short, tall, medium, Christmas trees are Christmas trees, and there's something about decorating them and seeing them all lit up that brings out the Christmas spirit. Shoveling snow will do that too. You should've made snow angels right then and there.

Poptart said...

Aw, I love it! Did you chop down the tree this year?

I use a little fake one, and this year it's up on a table.

Yum, sushi. I haven't had it in a while...

NoRegrets said...

At least you keep it low to the floor so it doesn't kill anyone if it falls off.

Happy snow!!! Happy Holiday Spirit!

My mom has the ones we made as kids. I'll have to steal some.

jeci said...

Sweet post Churlita! I happen to have a number of cheap shiny red decorations on my tree (I inherited them from my parents) and for some reason those particular ones have been a favourite with the cats, present and past, so I have a certain fondness for them (but understand why they're maybe not your faves!). My dad also used to let me pick out one decoration per year. It's a nice tradition that I'm sure will make your girls smile when they're 32 and looking back on it...just like me!

Danny said...

This is the best Xmas post I've read this year. And it makes me want to get a tree just so I can start that tradition with the ornaments. No matter that my ultra-orthodox Jewish family members will do cartwheels in their graves.

Minyo said...

Handmade ornaments are the best. Enjoy the spirit!

Not Fainthearted said...

I love it! I watched the boys put lights on our tree last night and got a bit misty myself. The boys can't understand why I put some of those old cracked and broken ornaments up, but "I remember the year you broke this Noah's Ark one" doesn't seem to hold as much sentimentality for them as it does me. Huh. Who'd a thunk it?

laura b. said...

If there is any time during the year that mooshiness is expected, even encouraged, it is right now! Go with it, baby.
I love my kid-made ornaments above all others :-)

Churlita said...


Thanks. it is cute. There are no other words to describe it.


I've said it before, but I usually like shoveling, unless it gets ridiculous.


That's great. She could make some real money this year.

Booda Baby,

Thanks. I normally live vicariously through you, so this feels almost fair.


Alcohol generally helps with that feeling.


Damn. I wish I had remembered to make snow angels.


We didn't have time to go to the tree farm this year. We just went to the hardware store that used to be Eagle's Grocery store and paid less than 20 bucks.


That ornament could definitely give someone a concussion.


That's so sweet. I can only hope.


ha ha. I know how you feel about hanging Hannukah on a Christmas tree, so I'll take that as a HUGE compliment.


They are, aren't they?


It's all about nostalgia for moms, for sure.


Okay. I'm going with it then. Thank you.