Thursday, December 04, 2008

And I'm Oh So Tired of Running, Gonna Lay Down on the Floor

Here are some people wearing hats and hugging each other on my favorite tree.

Well, kids. This was quite a week. I finally feel like I'm recuperating from the holiday. I would love to say that I was going to lie low all this weekend, but that's not going to happen.

Tomorrow night, I told my friend Libby I'd show up at her thing at Vito's of all places. Some guy just bought it and is trying to attract an older crowd (I'm assuming that's why I was invited). They are having some kind of party there to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the end of Prohibition. I'll drink to that.

On Saturday afternoon, Stinky and I are going to Coadster's show choir Winter show gig. It's usually a little long, but still fun. We'll see if we can't get some goofy photos of all the hair and the make-up and the sparkly costumes.

I really, really want to stay home on Saturday night and watch movies. It's supposed to maybe snow, so it would be a good excuse to hibernate, drink a beer or two and let myself be entertained. I'll let you know how that goes.

Let me know what all you all are doing this weekend in the comments.


DJSassafrass said...

That picture cracks me up! Was it hat day? What's up with the blazer? Oh I love IC.
We've got some stuff going on tonight involving a newly gifted Pictionary Man, doing some volunteer work tomorrow and hoping my tomorrow evening is much like yours!

Susan said...

Mom's pre-surgery birthday party tonight.

Date tomorrow night.

Sunday possibly packing (insert girlish squeal here)

Tara said...

I'm working a bit on Saturday, but I plan to put up my Christmas tree and decorate it when I get home. Then Sunday is the standard lazing about - or I might fill out more Christmas cards.

I do hope you get to relax on Saturday night as planned! Have a great weekend!

NoRegrets said...

Making dinner for ex.
House cleaning/fixing.
Helping brother with party Sat night.
House fixing with help (electrical).

Woo hoo.

laura b. said...

Hm, lets see...big plans for me? No, I don't think so. I guess I'll just see what the wind blows my way and ride with it.

Brando said...

"Here's to alcohol, the cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems." - Homer Simpson

MrManuel said...

I don't know, do you EVER stay home on a Saturday night!?! You always seem to be out and having fun.

Poptart said...

I wish I could go to the winter show choir concert!!!

I blew off the 2 main things I was sposed to do tonight, it's just too cold to take busses all over Chicago. Tomorrow is a cookie and ornament exchange party, which I am oddly very excited for, and then a concert tomorrow night, and another party I will probably blow off because it's SUPER far away, and no easy public trans route.

If I never go out, is it my own fault I never have a boyfriend?

movin' down the road said...

why are the winter shows for kids always so darn long? I have mykids' show. We have to STAND during the whole thing.