Sunday, December 07, 2008

Zoot Suit Riot, Throw Back a Bottle of Beer

Okay, kids. For reasons I'll get into tomorrow, I wasn't on the computer much this weekend. Right now, I'll just talk about Friday night. I have a shit ton of photos to post, and I'll try really, really hard not to use too many of my words.

It started much like any other night, when I go out - with boys flipping me the bird and making dorky faces at the Dublin.

Then we all marched down to Vito's where they were having their 75th anniversary of the repeal of Prohibition party.

There were guys dressed as 1930's gangsters.

Here's me attempting but not succeeding to show up the flapper poster. You can't blame a girl for trying, can you?

The zoot suit guy really kicked ass. He was even wearing Hawkeye colors.

One of my favorite things was the shuffleboard table. I have often lamented the loss of the shuffleboard table at the Hilltop from back in the day. But now Vito's has one. Oh, happy day.

Just look at the intense concentration of the spectators.

We finally went back to the Dublin and I met this totally hot girl, wearing the most amazing hosiery I've ever seen - lacey tights. The best part was, she was a self-proclaimed attention whore, so she not only let me take her photo, she let me feel her legs as many times as I wanted...Or as often as time allowed.

I finally gave the poor girl a break and joined the dance party. Hooray! I missed my girl crush, but she said she might make it back to town next weekend, so at least I have something to look forward to.

The night ended like every night at The Dublin. One of the bartenders yelled out, "laaaaaaasssst caaaaaaalllll!" And my friend Jen and I had an extremely earnest conversation on our very chilly walk home. The end.


Dana said...

I wish I could wear hose like that. They would only end up making my legs look fattish.


Minyo said...

Like the gangsters. That zoot suit is pretty cool, especially the colors. Looks like you had fun with lots of interestingly dressed people.

Remiman said...

You've got the poster girl beat by a long shot. Now if you had on a pair of those lacey hose, they'd make a poster of you.

NoRegrets said...

I really like the guy in the white hat. He does it well.
Sounds like a fun evening...

laura b. said...

Looks like an amazingly good time to me. Those gangster boys are cute, but you are the cutest.

Susan said...

Pictures are awesome. Looks like a great time!

movin' down the road said...

wow, you have such a great group of friends. My best friend is in Manhattan. Boyfriend in the islands. I have no one to call that will jump at the drop of the hat and go out. It's a problem being a single mom wiht two little ones. And then when I am free, others are home with their families

Not FAinthearted said...

You always have the best Friday nights!

Hi! I'm BAAAck!

Churlita said...


I don't know. They seemed to be magical. I bet they would make all of our legs look wonderful.


I love having fun with interestingly dressed people.


That is very kind of you to say. i do wish I had those tights though.


It sure doesn't hurt that he's very good looking.


You are nicer than nice. Thank you.


Thanks. We did have fun. however ridiculous the photos turned out.

egan said...

The Attention Whore drinks good beer. I suppose you are at Irish pub so her choice isn't too outlandish.

Poptart said...

Great pictures! Who takes the ones you are in? How was show choir?

booda baby said...

So, she wore those lacy thingies under ski pants? Really, I just can't imagine walking around in that cold ass weather wearing those. It makes my legs hurt.

What happened to the pretty autumn you all were having? Every day, all I hear about is 4 degrees and 9 degrees. It's so fricking... Russian Steppes. When I get rich, I'm going to buy you a ticket to California exactly at this time. You'll make it back for Christmas, but all the snow and cold will look so much more charming.

Churlita said...


Exactly. There is a lot of Guinness being consumed at any given time at The Dublin.


Anyone and everyone. I leave my camera out and different people grab it and start shooting. those are some of the best and worst pics we get.

Booda Baby,

Man, I can't wait until you get rich. It will be so great to get to hang out with you in California.