Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ice is Back With My Brand New Invention

Here is a picture of Santa with a nosebleed standing next to a can of PBR. Merry Christmas, everybody!

So, I was walking home from work tonight. The ice storm hadn't started yet, but it was about an hour away. It was cold, and I was trying to rationalize to my conscience why I didn't have to run. Who knew when the storm would start, I'd just hate to get caught out in it and plus, it was cold out, that could make me sick again, couldn't it? I had talked myself out of it, when I entered my house and saw Stinky getting ready to run. Shit. My conscience instantly stopped buying my lame excuses and kicked my ass out the door to go running after all.

When I got back Stinky helped me make dinner. She had this idea, she told me last weekend, for something to make this week. It would be like stir-fry kind of but made with a little garlic butter and white wine instead. She thought it would be good served over some wild rice. So, that's what we made and it was damn fine, let me tell you. The best part was, that all I had to do was cut the chicken. Stinky wanted to do everything else, and she cleaned up. Man, I could get used to that.

Now, on to the weekend. I've been working hard all week after work, so that I could give myself a lame-ass Friday night. My house is clean, my tree is up and I have a few beers in the fridge. If we don't lose our electricity with the ice storm, I'm planning on sitting on my ass in my lounge pants and watching movies. If we do lose our electricity, I have many large flashlights with which to read books. Either way, I'll be hibernating.

If I go out at all this weekend, it might be for an hour on Saturday night. My friend Bob and some other people are playing more roots kind of music at The Mill to celebrate the solstice, which just happens to be his and his wife's anniversary. So, even though I'd like to just stay home, I also want to help them celebrate.

Okay, kids. What are your plans for the weekends?...You know, as long as your power doesn't go out.


Tara said...

I'm listening to the infamous toilet scene from "Dumb & Dumber" while reading blog posts. Not a good combo.

Anyway, I hope you don't get too slammed by the ice storm or whatever else is coming at our area of The States. I'm hoping it isn't too bad for any of us, but it is weather. Be careful out there.

Mr Atrocity said...

That is the creepiest (and most awesome_ photo I've seen in ages. So so wrong, and yet, so right.

This weekend I too shall be hibernating apart from having dinner with T's parents on Saturday. I cannot wait. Have a great weekend of movies and beer.

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

Santa must have pissed somebody off to get that bleeding nose.. lol.. well we are in for two storms over the next few days and it has already started.. So I guess we will do what we can to get through it and do minimal stuff... hope you don't get hit too bad by the storm..

NoRegrets said...

Oh, I so needed that laugh! Santa, poor Santa. I actually thought at first it was a zombie santa who had just had a snack. Been reading Franki's blog too much.

I'm making a pecan pie tonight, shopping, helping a person move, doing electrical, being an elf getting presents to people I don't know, and making some sort of cookie for Monday's work holiday party. And likely more. It'll be a busy weekend.

booda baby said...

So, if your power goes out, where does your heat go? Jeeze, I hate worrying about you all freezing your asses off.

For the first time in a long time, I don't have tons and tons of work - the movie watching's already started. Wheee. So, this weekend? MILK. And some fancy schmancy holiday cocktails.

And the Cowboys. A. rearranged ornaments just so he could have a little Cowboys colors nook.

Minyo said...

Oooooohh gross to the bloody nose Santa.

This weekend? Hibernating, cleaning house, decorating sugar cookies (cleaning up after that), wrapping presents.

I bought lots of lamp oil as an insurance policy that the lights wouldn't go out. Last night, the sleet was just what we needed (no freezing rain).

Have a fun hibernation weekend!

Not Fainthearted said...

nice santa! (I'm thinking the person that gave him that bloody nose will be getting coal in their stocking?)

The boys each have a holiday party to go to tonight, so since my social life is much lamer than theirs I"ll be staying home and cooking a big pot of soup and cleaning for the weekend.

Tomorrow, we're heading out shopping so they can get their dad something for Christmas and then I think hibernating/recovering from that adventure for the rest of the day.

Sunday is going to be -20 so after church I'm thinking it's sit on the couch, watch movies with a hot-water bottle day. Maybe wrap a couple of presents. Possibly make a cookie or two. But that sounds like a lot of work right now.

Boring, no?

Remiman said...

Well your storm just got here 1/2 hour ago and it's kicking up a fury.
Fish fry at the diner tonight...BYOW.
Tomorrow night we'll meet some of my friends at the "Place" for drinks as a farewell get together for my departure.
Sunday will be recovery day.
Got to get the Christmas cards going this weekend too. Maybe tomorrow after shoveling!

Tara said...

That stir-fry meal sounds like something I could make. And to have someone do most of the cooking and clean up afterwards? That's a pretty sweet evening!

laura b. said...

It is definitely hibernation weather. We don't really get that here...but I participate in hibernation anyway. Solidarity, Sister!