Sunday, December 28, 2008

I Gotta Have Some of Your Attention, Give It to Me

Here's me after I reprised Jodie Foster's role in the movie, Nell.

So, I'm still in putz mode and Stinky had friends hanging out at our house until after ten, and so I'm finally getting to the computer to blog and it is very late and I have to go back to work tomorrow and wah and wah and wah. Once again, that's my excuse for a lame blog post and I'm sticking to it. I spent tons of time with my girls the last four days and even had some time to myself. I also went out for a bit both nights of the weekend. I didn't really drink much, but judging from the above photo, I can make a huge ass out of myself completely sober. They say everyone is born with their own special gift...

Here is my Reader's Digest abridged version of my evening activities this week:

So, yeah. I saw some of my whacky friends on Friday night and had fun. We all called each other names like the big, fun dysfunctional family we are.

I got outdanced by an adorable two year old who also had better hosiery than I did. God, I hate competition.

I was so thankful that my friends made it home safely on the treacherous foggy, icy, snow covered roads we all had to contend with the last few days.

I saw some boys RAWK'ing on Saturday night at the Picador.

I tried very hard to avoid the pit, because the kids were all aggressively full of the Christmas spirits at this show.

I watched my friend plug his ears when I spoke to him. For some reason, I seem to inspire this reaction in a lot of people.

Once my friends played the human version of the Barrell of Monkeys game, I decided it was time to go home. I got a ride and skipped any after hours events both nights. In other words, I had a lot of fun, but still managed to be a good girl. Yea me!


Susan said...

It looks like you had a good time! I stayed home all weekend. It was delightful.

Not Fainthearted said...

Yay You! indeed.

Does look like a lot of fun.

Tara said...

I thought that you were playing air trumpet in that first photo. You need to get a band together that plays air guitar and drums. I'll play air vocals.

NoRegrets said...

Sounds great to me! I love that you take your camera whereever you go.

Churlita said...


That sounds wonderful too. I want to do that this upcoming weekend.


It definitely was...And without a hangover the next day. Perfect.


It does kind of look like that. REally, though. Who knows what the hell I was doing there.


Thanks. Not all my friends feel the same way about my camera, though.

laura b. said...

Fun and good? Right on, Churlita! I definitely see the fun. I'm a-gonna take your word about the good.