Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Fill My Heart With Song

Here is a bench downtown after a snow storm.

Well, kids. I'm still insanely busy, but I have just one more day before I can finally relax. I can handle one more crazy day, can't I?

My sister took my girls to Ottumwa today, so I've been flying solo all night. I've been running around so much, I didn't have time to notice how weird it is to go an entire day without seeing my daughters. That doesn't happen very often in my world.

I'll be very surprised if I have time to post tomorrow. I have to work my normal shift, and if the weather isn't too scary, I'm planning on driving down South tomorrow. I'm just staying for dinner and gift exchange and then we'll be driving back to Iowa City that night.

Christmas day is the girls' dad's birthday. I tried to get him to give me some kind of schedule for when he wanted the girls, but he must not have been sure what he was doing. So, I figure they'll open their gifts from Santa. (yes, he still comes to our house). Then see if their dad wants them for a while. He normally does something with his friends in the evening, so I'm planning on having dinner with the girls. I think I'll make a Christmas lasagna for dinner instead of Chinese take-out. We've had a lot of rice and veggies lately. It's not traditional for either their Irish or their Mexican side, but I didn't think boiled cabbage enchiladas sounded very good.

I don't have any real plans for those four days. Mr. B. said he might try to come up on Friday for a little bit, but I don't count on that. He's supposed to call me tomorrow or Thursday and let me know. I figure, if he shows, great. I'm always happy to see him, but if he doesn't, I have plenty of resting, relaxing, running, and cleaning to do. I'll just have more time for myself.

So, to all of you, no matter what you're celebrating, Chanukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, the fact that there is no spiritual force that exists, or the eventual return of your space ship to take you back where you came from, I hope you do it balls out...And I mean that with all reverence.


Remiman said...


Merry Christmas Lady!

Minyo said...

Typically we grill steaks or chops on Christmas Eve, but due to the weather this year, I'm opting for lasagna also.

Merry Christmas to you and yours! Safe travels as you brave the elements and drive south and then back north.

Susan said...

All I have is "sausage balls" so do those count for "balls out"?

Have a good one dearie!!

movin' down the road said...

Happy Holidays! The girls go with their dad after we open our santa presents too. We're gonna stuff down cinnamon rolls for breakfast and call it christmas!

laura b. said...

Hey! We're having baked ravioli! It's a Christmas miracle! Um, well...anyway, Merry Christas to you and your family, Churlita :-)

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

Have a Very Merry Christmas..

we are having Turkey after all.. instead of Kraft dinner..