Tuesday, December 09, 2008

But I Hear the Call of a Lifetime Ring

Here is a shop window full of delicious candy canes.

I woke up today to a recorded message telling me school was canceled. I checked outside and wondered why, since it just seemed to be some rain. Then when I actually started walking to work, I finally got it. My world was covered in ice. I was careful to walk in the grass, but driveways and street crossings were particularly treacherous. I had no idea what a lucky break the ice would be for me today.

The girls and I have been trying to figure out when we'd be able to go see our holiday matinee that we've gone to every year for forever. There are always show choir workshops, or basketball games and practice, and there's no way in hell I could afford to actually pay for the three of us to see a movie at full price without dipping into the girls' future therapy fund...And with me as their mom, they'll need every penny I can scrape together for that.

Coadster texted me at work this morning to see if I could take them today, since they wouldn't have practice for anything anyway. Perfect. I took off a half hour early from work so we could get to the 5 o'clock show of Four Christmases. The girls loved it, and all I can really ask for is a movie that the girls love and that I can stand. it definitely had it's funny moments and the usual Vince Vaughn schtick.

When we got out, Coadster said she wanted to go to the rec building and work out with me. I don't run outside when it's icy anymore after that one time when I fell and hit and bruised up my face. It gave my co-workers WAY too much pleasure. One of the office women tried to spaz me out by telling me I had to go to the doctor because I could have bone splinters that would enter my brain. Another guy at work said that I would totally be attractive to abusive guys, since they'd already know I could take a punch. Thanks, co-workers...For nothing. Anyway, it just seems to simplify my life, if I run indoors during the icy times. So, Coadster and I ran and my iPod seemed to love me by playing great running music, like Spoon and Michael Jackson and Buddy Miles and Sufjan Stevens and The Specials. Best of all, there was some guy juggling without stopping or dropping a ball the whole time we were there. God, I love this freaky little town.

So, now I'm home and I'm exhausted, but in the good way. It was so different from my normal Tuesdays. I guess I didn't even realize how much I needed a break from my routine until I got it.


NoRegrets said...

First comment. Woo hoo!

I learned my lesson about biking on ice when I got on my bike outside my house once and promptly fell over and smashed my head. Wearing a helmet, I didn't have any major damage, but it did jar my neck something fierce.

Glad you had a good Tues.

DJSassafrass said...

Laughed outloud about the girls therapy fund! Hilarious!

Susan said...

I wonder if I need to start a "therapy fund" for my mother. I am, after all, her daughter.

Churlita said...


I did that too. My handlebar went straight into my thigh and made the most colorful bruise.


I was only joking a little.


Hee hee. Maybe I should save up for all of us.

Minyo said...

I'm always fascinated by jugglers.

Remiman said...

We have freezing rain too. Fortunately for me this is strength day not run day.
Breaks keep us sane.

laura b. said...

I hear you, a break in routine is priceless.
By the way, I like your co-workers by proxy. Sure, they are cruel, but so cleverly cruel!

booda baby said...

Those ice falls are badbabadbdabdabad. (I'm so glad there's no way to misspell that because I think I did.) And unscheduled days of breaks and matinees are goodgoodetc. etc. I recall having had one of those a long, long time ago.

Winter in IC is so romantic - it easily rivals any fancy schmancy capitol city - but I always remember it waiting awhile longer before getting THAT crappy.What's up?

ha. I'm sorry to report my word verification AGAIN, but it's unillick. And that's funny.

Churlita said...


Me Too. My daughter was pretty much in awe.


Sorry to hear about your freezing rain. Isn't snow so much better?


They are pretty funny. I'm such a target, because I dish out more than they do, plus I'm a total spazzy dork.

Booda Baby.

Global warming making all the temps more extreme?

I love it. I'm the unilliker - kind of like the uni-bomber, only less mature.

MrManuel said...

Bone splinters that enter your brain? REALLY?!?!

Wow, is this the kind of lady that reads and forwards all those warnings?

Churlita said...

Mr Manuel,

Oh, exactly. It's like you know her.