Thursday, October 16, 2008

Welcome to Your Life

On Monday I took photos of doors on my way home from work. As you will see, there are a lot of churches on my route. Even though I'm not big on walking through the doors and going inside, I really like looking at them from the outside.

Today marked my triumphant return to work and civilization as I know it. Right away, I got to call my nosy cubicle neighbor, Gladys Kravitz. Luckily, she's good natured about it. She even asked a good trivia question: What was Gladys Kravitz's husband's name on Bewitched? I said Lenny and then giggled for way too long trying to picture Lenny Kravitz having sex with the actress who played Samantha's nosy neighbor. The answer, if you really want to know, is Abner.

This pic and the next are of the same doors, but from different angles.

I ran today for the first time in THREE. WHOLE. DAYS. At first I was all whiny and thinking I should just stop and go back home and sit on the couch and eat some pumpkin pie I had leftover from our month early Thanksgiving feast, but I soldiered on and the endorphins kicked in and I got all high and felt like I should run for another couple of hours. When I was almost done, the East Indian dance music came on my iPod and I was this close to dancing right there on the sidewalk across the street from Lou Henri's. It was that great...Okay, remember I was high on endorphins too.

I like to look at things all different kinds of ways.

After dinner, I stopped by my friend K.'s boyfriend A.'s house to drop off some extra turkey and dinner rolls. They were just finishing dinner and his son, who is almost four, was playing this elaborate game of pirate. He had to ride on his belly on his mini skateboard in the kitchen to escape sharks, which were actually his dad's shoes. When his dad put them on to walk out on the porch, his son yelled, "Dad, the sharks are eating your feet!" I thought A's new pretend sharkskin shoes were quite fetching, myself.

This the church where my daughters go. It's super garish inside. I liked the Catholic church that got blown apart by the tornado better. And the other one that's still standing, has a polka mass that I've always wanted to attend. For real.

So, this whole new Facebook thing might just be too socially exhausting for me. No, it's actually good. I've reconnected with tons of people I haven't seen in years. The saddest thing, is that some of those people actually live in my same town and I still haven't seen them in years.

I've decided to rectify some of that by going over to my friend Sara's house earlier on Saturday evening. She lives about a block away from me and I haven't seen her in over a year. Yeah, I suck. Then, later that night, meeting my friend Lydia at the Picador. Some of our old punk rock friends who moved to Minneapolis many years ago, are coming down to play at the Picador. I haven't seen them since the 80's punk rock reunion they had here last March. It should be fun.

This house is about a block away from me. Obviously, it isn't a church, but I really like the cardboard faces they stuck on the door and the beam of the porch.

Right now, my plan tomorrow night is to just stay home and chill out and watch movies and/or read and drive Stinky around a little bit. Both she and Coadster have to be at work at 6:30 Saturday morning, so I can't see any of us partying too hard or too late before that.

And you? What kind of mischief are you all dreaming up for the weekend?


dmarks said...

"....Lenny Kravitz having sex with the actress who played Samantha's nosy neighbor."

She wasn't getting any, which was why she was always trying to peep through the curtains and catch Darren and Samantha.

Remiman said...

I think I have some paranormal attraction to churches, and the older the better. I'm not big on the people who frequent them, only the buildings themselves.

I've contracted your URI, so instead of going to Montreal for the weekend to celebrate D.'s birthday, we'll stay here and nurse each other.

Susan said...

I dream of sleeping in tomorrow morning.

Actually, there's this sort of festival thing in town this weekend so I'm going to go up to it I'm sure. Even though it's in town for two weekends the first weekend is always notoriously the best. I don't think festival is exactly the right word because it's really just a bunch of people settin up booths and selling goods but that makes me kind of happy.

I'm easily amused.

Anonymous said...

It's good to read that you're feeling better. Churches almost always have really cool looking doors. Great pictures.

Tara said...

I love that first door, especially. Doors can be so beautiful and intricate sometimes.

Cricket said...

Believe I could drink a beer at that last house.

laura b. said...

It's great that you are making the effort to get back in touch with old friends. I am so out of touch with so many people!

I like the cardboard face house a lot. I agree with Cricket, I could have a beer there.

NoRegrets said...

I would go to the polka mass with you.

egan said...

The Facebook thing can almost be as exhausting as a good long run minus the endorphins.

I'm not a fan of attending church, but they sure are beautiful to admire. I loved going in churches on a couple of my work trips to Europe. All the history that goes into those puppies.

Minyo said...

I like that blue and purple painted door on the porch. Facebook... totally zapping too much of my time. There's a farming application that is soo much fun and addictive!

Cool that you can meet up with some old (but not forgotten) friends.

Going to see a play at our local community theater and out for supper with my hubby tonight.

Poptart said...

I totally knew it was Abner. I can't believe you gave it away.

So, this weekend I am heading up a giant carpool group to go canvass for Obama in Racine, WI. I'm excited, but it will be a long day and I have to get to the bar where we're taking off from, which is about 25 minutes by bike, at 6:30am! That means up at 5 for shower and dog walk. But my nice neighbor is letting Miss Poochie out to pee in the middle of the day so that's a huge relief.

Have a good weekend!

(When is the polka mass? Do you know that I heart polka? Now you do.)

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

Not much mischief here for us.. I'm downloading some movies and chillaxin..

booda baby said...

Abner! Of course!

For you, I'm happy about the running. For me? I'm happy that it's you running. Mostly, I'm really happy to hear your head ache's eased up.

I'm NOT happy that you had Thanksgiving early and 1. I've been to busy to know about it and 2. I didn't get any. It's the best holiday ever. Well. Except for Christmas, because you get to eat the same things but you also get the tree.