Sunday, October 05, 2008

As If Everybody Here Would Know What I Was Talking About

Here is a photo of Stinky and her friend before the Quince. As you can see, we have about three nice dresses that we all interchange. Stinky wore the dress I bought for the wedding I went to in June. Thank god we're all the same size and build.

As it turned out, this was a very restful weekend for me. On Saturday, I ran my eight mile route and found a 20 dollar bill on the sidewalk. There was no one around, so I figured I should take it. I hoped someone rich lost it, just like I hope a poor person finds any money I've lost. I bought a couple of lotto tickets with it and some ice cream for me and Stinky and saved the rest. How would you spend a found $20?

The rest of the day, I spent shuttling kids around town and then finally it was the evening. I didn't hear from anyone, so I decided to stay home and watch movies for a second night in a row. It was an excellent decision, by the way. I watched Ironman and loved it. Robert Downey Jr. was H-O-T, and he's old, so I don't have to feel creepy saying so.

I slept almost eleven hours both nights of the weekend. I'm still trying to fight this stupid cold. I don't quite have it, but I've been waking up with the sore throat and I'm sneezing a lot. I figured I'd battle it by being well rested and eating well. I'll let you know how that works for me.

I ran all seven days this week. I clocked over forty miles. I know that I'm not supposed to do that, but I'm feeling that urgency. You know the one. Where it's Fall and the weather is amazing and I know it won't last, so I have to milk it for all of it's warmth and sunshine and bright, bright colors. I walked around today taking dorky photos in the afternoon. I realized I wasn't the only thing feeling that urgency.

It's that time of year when Mother Nature is bringing out the big guns. It's like the end of the fireworks display where the whole wad is being shot.

Summer's flowers are still blooming, and fading around the edges, but trying to compete...

...With Fall's own dramatic reds. Sure, they know it's all futile. In less than a month, they'll lie dormant and we'll be subject to the starkness of Winter. I suppose you can't blame us all for fighting it, can you?


Mr Atrocity said...

Oh my, it seems everyone has a cold. Since it rained all weekend in London I decided against the outdoors/fresh air cure method for my cold and opted for the curling up on the sofa and watching Red Dwarf approach instead. Hasn't worked yet though.

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

Whatever it is that's going around is not nice.. The girls look so pretty..

I loved Ironman too.. It was a pleasant surprise to see Robert Downy Jr play this kind of role..

Minyo said...

Finding money on the ground is a very pleasant surprise. My oldest found $20 on the ground outside a convenience store once. She bought a huge book about space. I found $50 at the state fair once. There were tons of people around and it was dark. I just happened to be looking down as I was walking.

Susan said...

$20 would go towards the grocery shopping I have to do after work today. If I could convince myself, though, that it was "free money" and I could just blow it I'd probably buy $20 worth of scratch offs and win a whole $1 at the end.

He was super hot in Iron Man. Now I want to watch it. Maybe I'd use the $20 to buy Iron Man.

Tara said...

That's such a cute dress!

I saw those red berries this weekend when my family and I drove around our old town. We had berries in the backyard of our old house that looked like those. I used to eat them, they were very sour.

Good job doing all that running! You're right, before we know it, we'll be treading on snow.. Blergh.

NoRegrets said...

I love your posts.
If I found $20 I would just put it in my wallet. I'm cheap like that. If I was feeling generous, I'd give some to charity.

Poptart said...

I'd spend $20 on a lap swim pass so I wouldn't have to swim with the freaks at adult open (free) swim.

Good for you for running every day!!!

I did the swim-a-mile-every-day thing two wks ago but then this past week I was tired, and swamped, and it didn't work out. I think I shot my wad. Getting back to 3x a week this week will be good.

-RM said...

I found $5 recently, and bought $5 worth of lottos to win $20. That is exactly what I would do with the $20 ;-)! Glad you had a great weekend.

laura b. said...

I like all your bright pictures. I can't say I ever really look forward to winter, even the mild ones that we experience here.

If I found $20 I would probably spend it on little extras at the cream, little barbeque flavored rice cakes, maybe a fat magazine...

Anonymous said...

I would probably put that $20 toward a new game for the Wii or DS.

I hope you kick that cold soon. It's cool that you could still run 40 miles while not feeling good.

stepping over the junk said...

I found 250 bucks once on a rainy day on a deserted beach in late Fall. Seriously. We ordered pizza. I totally kept it. The alternative was to nail it to a post in the parking lot with a sign "this yours?" and I was sure someone who was NOT the owner, would have taken it. So I might as well.

Churlita said...

Mr Atrocity,

Maybe you just need to keep trying. there were several seasons of Red Dwarf. have you watched them all yet?


I know. It's the first thing I've seen him in a long time where he didn't play a messed-up drug addict.


That was an excellent choice. Now I wish I had bought a huge book about space.


That's why I just bought 3. I didn't want to blow it all, but I wanted to try my luck, since it was higher than normal.


Ssshh. Don't mention the S word. We don't want to call it any sooner than necessary.


No. You're smart like that.


I wish I could have given it to you, so you could avoid swimming in a pool full of freaks.


I'd love to turn that kind of profit on it.


I never look forward to Winter. But ice cream, I do look forward to.


It's never quite full-blown enough to kick.


That's the thing. When there's no one around, you get to take it. There's no way to tell who lost it.

Not Fainthearted said...

You know you're my hero for running at all, but 8 miles makes me swoon. I feel like I need CPR when I'm trying to run ONE!!!

And that is why you can share dresses with your daughters. Rock it, sister!