Sunday, October 12, 2008

Baby I've Been Here Before

Stinky picked out the photos she wanted me to put up on today's post. She chose all the "pretty ones" I took during the week. Lately, I've just been walking around on my lunch break and taking photos of anything I see that I like. This one is of the warning system they put up overnight and the older lamp post underneath it by Gilmore Hall.

So, remember all those plans I had for the weekend? Well, they all pretty much went out the window. I had an on and off migraine from Thursday night until this afternoon sometime. I took my meds and they got rid of the worst of the pain, but I was so weak and tired for most of the weekend. It was a big drag because this very well could have been the last really nice weekend we'll have until Spring sometime.

This here is Jefferson Street now that the leaves are changing.

It wasn't horrible, I just felt like I wasted some nice weather. What did I do? Well, let me tell you.

On Friday night, I watched movies. It was all I was up for. I gave the girls money to get food either during or after the football game and I can't remember if I ate anything much myself.

I watched a Jodie Foster movie called The Brave One. it was better than I thought it would be, but I'd like to see Jodie Foster do something other than be angry and paranoid in every single movie she's in. Plus, I've lived in some scary neighborhoods in my life, but I've never been the target of as much violent crime as her character was, every single day.

Stinky had her sleepover and the girls were all so exhausted that they fell asleep around midnight. Perfect.

These are the flowers on the Pentacrest. They just took the Summer flowers away a couple of weeks ago and replaced them with these Mums.

On Saturday, I was in just enough pain that I figured I might as well get my car looked at. I didn't want to do it when everything was going well and ruin a perfectly good day. It's been all funky since our trip, leaking something, but running just fine. I don't have any money to fix it, but if it was leaking that much oil, I figured, I should get it changed and get more in there. So, I took it to Jiffy Lube. They said that a sealant was messed-up and it was a common problem for Subaru's. He said the oil wasn't leaking on the manifold. He said it would only cost a few bucks for the sealant, but the labor to put it on and clean up the oil would be at least a couple hundred dollars. I asked him if it was dangerous or if it would hurt the car to drive it like that. He said no. Since I don't have an extra couple hundred dollars and I didn't find any more money when I went running this weekend, I'm just going to let it go and get my oil changed more often.

Here is photo of a guy in a tree with his laptop. As you know, this is my favorite tree and Stinky thought the boy looked hot.

Saturday was a mix CD day for me. My friend Rachie sent me one in the mail. It was great. I make them for people all the time, but I think the last time anyone made one for me was FMDM on our first date. The one Rachie made me was nice and mellow - what I call Sunday morning music. There was some Pinback and Okkervil River and David Bazan, and a bunch of other great bands. It was perfect for drinking tea and reading the paper this morning.

I also made a mix CD for my friend K. I'll probably post if for you guys tomorrow night. So, on Saturday evening I stopped by K.'s house and dropped it off, along with some cherry tomatoes and jalapenos and stayed for an hour and chatted with her. I got home and was still pretty migrainey, so I watched a movie called Notes on a Scandal. It was really uncomfortable and good. Judy Densch was amazing in it. She really is one hell of a dame.

Here is a pic of a lamp post all by itself with the changing trees in the background.

Today I really wanted to go take photos, but I was still zonked out by my migraine until the afternoon. I finally started feeling better and ran my six mile route, but I still had so much practical shit I still had to get done, that I couldn't go play and take pictures. Drat. Foiled again.


Remiman said...

Your fall pictures are mesmerizing. I went to my favorite cemetery yesterday PM and shot some foliage .

DJSassafrass said...

I wanted to see that movie. I will have to check it out. Car troubles--bleck. I'll be posting momentarily about that!

Susan said...

I intended to take pictures of the social gathering I was at this weekend. I've decided it's a good thing I didn't have photo evidence of the weekend.

Tera said...

Oh Churlita, we have to do something about these migraines! That is awful for you!!!

I do hate it when I waste good weather...we were near 90 here this weekend and I did NOTHING!

Cricket said...

You always give good pictures.

I cannot fathom migraines. You really seem to deal so well.

I like the laptop in the tree, too, the mix of nature and technology.

The word this week is nuisance.

laura b. said...

Stinky made great photo choices!

I'm sorry your migraine kept nagging at you. You still got stuff done and I have to admire that. And I'm really glad your car thing turned out to be majorly unmajor!

Poptart said...

I hate your migraines. I hope it's all better today. Monday work + migraine would be bad. But wait, do you get Columbus day off??

Nice pics, Stinky! But that tree guy was not hot. Cute and surfy looking, maybe, but hot? Please. Talk some sense into that girl.

booda baby said...

Oh, your poor head! I wish there was something we could all get together to do. Like ... like ... make your headaches stop. (Why yes, I AM feeling very clever. pftbtft.)

I loved that Jodie Foster movie, but what a great point!

MrManuel said...

It's so cool you walk around with your camera. I almost never do because it is so big.

Tara said...

Boy I'm tellin' you the labor of fixing a car must be intense since they have to charge a couple hundred for it. I'm glad that the car is driveable without that "labor charge" added on. I think I need to get my car checked out soon. It needs a preparation for the winter, and my brakes seemed whiny when my brother was driving it a few weeks ago.

Churlita said...


I can't wait to see those. you know how much I love cemetery shots.


Drag about both of your cars. I hate it when the back-up car dies too. I hope it doesn't cost too much to fix them.


You know you've had a good time when you're glad you don't have photo evidence of it.


Believe me, they're way better now that I have real meds. Sometimes they're so bad that they defy the meds though. I hate it when they're like that.


Nuisance, huh? That could be really fun. I'll have to start looking around.


Thanks. It could have been way worse. I've been holding off filling the tank up with gas for fear it would be something I couldn't afford to fix.


I think Chicagoans are the only ones who get Columbus Day off anymore. My migraine was better today, but then I got that cold, which I think is what made my head so bad in the first place. I'm falling apart, damn it.

Booda Baby,

Thanks. I wish there was something I could do to make my migraines go away and never come back, but I've had them since I was 10 so at least I know how to deal with them.

Mr Manuel.

On the plus side for you, your camera is much nicer and takes better photos. I do like having a small enough camera to wander around with me, though.


I know. If only I was a mechanic, I'd have enough money to get my car fixed. I hope your car doesn't suck you dry.

Not Fainthearted said...

I had a several day migraine last week too. Maybe it was the weather?