Saturday, October 11, 2008

Do You Realize - That You Have the Most Beautiful Face

The Saturday Scavenger Hunt Word was chosen by Laura B. at My Boring Life blog. Her word was face. I'm recycling this photo of me and Coadster for it. it is from when Coadster was a baby and all you could see on her face were her cheeks. Poor Coadster inherited my big cheeks, which I inherited from my mom. She was such a skinny little baby, but if she was bundled up, people thought she was chubby because of her prominent cheeks.

I used to hate my cheeks, when I was younger, because they made me look like I was 12 when I was 18. Now, though? Like most other things about me, I've grown to accept them and even like them. I'm sure when I get older and people start describing me as looking, "Angela Lansbury jowly," I might go back to resenting them, but for now, I got 'em, they're mine, I might as well like them.

Once when I was walking through the downstairs of Gabes, a drunk guy was standing in front of me and staring at my chest. Like many drunk people, he spoke before he thought and said, "Wow. You have really big..." And then caught himself. He looked up at my face and finished, "...Cheeks."

"Nice catch," I said.

"I know. I wasn't sure how I was going to get out of that one without getting slapped. Thank god, you have big cheeks."

I'm pretty thankful I have them too. Although, I don't know how Coadster feels about hers...How do all of you feel about the most prominent feature on your face?


Cricket said...

What a beautiful, dreamy picture. She could do much worse than look like her mom!

My feature of concern is from age. I never had the strongest chin and now I've got a case of the sag beneath. Oh well, eh?

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

That is a very sweet picture.. She has chubby cheeks..
When LHM was younger.(a few month's old) he had the chubbiest legs...

my only feature I don't like is my nose..

Mr Atrocity said...

I have pretty serious eyebrows and whilst in time I expect them to go rather David Hemmings for now I'm content that they sort of behave themselves.

-RM said...

It will have to be my lips and probably my nose. You look rather good despite your face expressing being tired. ``

Susan said...

My feature is my eyes and I've always been quite fond of them.

Churlita said...


Thanks. Yeah. We've got extra chins that run in our family. I just try to be careful when I get my picture taken to hide that.


We all have something. I bet your husband thinks your nose is adorable.

Mr Atrocity,

At least eyebrows are easy to trim. They don't require surgery or anything to tame them.


People pay good money for bigger lips. I always think big noses are great. Look at Adrien Brody.


Good. I think we should all like our prominent facial features. And you do have nice eyes.

Tera said...

The only thing I used to hate about my cheeks is how the elder aunts used to pinch and squeeze on them!!!

laura b. said...

Full cheeks are very youthful...I'm sure that bar guy was just admiring something or other's youthful fullness....
I think both your girls bear quite a resemblance to you, which must be kind of nice.

I think my most prominent facial feature are my freckles...does that count? They sure gave me grief while I was growing up, although I don't mind at all now.

Tara said...

That's a great picture. My mom said I got my breasts from my dad's side of the family, not hers. My dad didn't have breasts, though. His sisters did, apparently. I know you needed to know all that. ;)

Churlita said...


Yeah. I got that too, and even as an adult, other adults felt they could tell me how cute I was. Like I was still a little girl.


It all counts and boys love freckles, so you're lucky.


I totally needed to know that. That was great. Thanks for sharing. You can thank your Aunts for those.

Not Fainthearted said...

That's hilarious. He really said that?

It used to bug me that everyone thought I was 5-6 years younger than I was. It's rough when you're 17 and passing for a kid ticket at the movie theater. 47 passing for 40? not so bad.