Thursday, February 08, 2007

Shine on Me Sunshine Walk With Me World It's a Skippity-Dooda day

Because it's the weekend, I thought I'd help you navigate your way to a bar.

I know I've told you several times already, that I'm a sucker for false hope. Well, tonight I'm full of it. (and false hope too) Now, please allow me to count the things that make me stupidly hopeful.

1. I got an e-mail at work from Stinky's reading teacher today. It doesn't appear that she ever got her hands on my fake e-mail, because she was all effusive about how wonderfully behaved Stinky has been of late. She even thanked me for keeping her in line. Of course, Stinky came in with a splint on her arm after the weekend, so she probably thinks I used physical force and is grateful for that too.

2. This is another show choir competition weekend for Coadster. It means I have to get up at 5:30 am to get Coadster to the high school, but she loves it so much, it's totally worth it.

Coadster came home after choir class this week and told me she just found out she had a four octave vocal range. Being completely ignorant about such things, I asked, "Oh. Is that good?"

"I think it is."

"Well, then I think it is too." God, I sound like such a douche bag when I write down these conversations with my daughters. At least Coadster will have plenty of fodder whenever she applies for legal emnacipation.

What I'm trying to say here, is that I'm glad that Coadster is really good at the thing she loves the most. Ever since she was little, she has loved to sing. Once when she was in first grade and completely unaware that she was crooning all over the house, I asked her, "So, do you sing like that at school, too?"

"Not anymore I don't," but I know even now, she forgets she's doing it, she loves it so much.

3. Yesterday, someone got to my blog by googling, "Shut-up with the I'm a single mom bullshit" and I can't imagine anything more perfect.

4. I might actually get my tax refund direct deposited into my account tomorrow. I think it was downloaded to the IRS last week on Wednesday, which means I should see it tomorrow. It was originally rejected because the drop down box with my birth year slipped to the year behind and it didn't match what the IRS had. I corrected it and resubmitted it, so hopefully, tomorrow I will be as giddy as a 41 year old school girl.

Because I'm nothing if not a woman with a back-up plan, I'm going to try to distract myself if my refund doesn't appear. On Saturday, I was thinking I'd eat some comfort food, (I'm taking suggestions of anyone's favorites) drink some of my bottle of cheap Shiraz, and watch two African movies that should be really good, but will inevitably make me cry. I kind of like these frigid temps when I don't have to leave my house.


Lynnster said...

Heh. The first year I filed my taxes online (long time ago now), it was rejected, and on further investigation I Learned the reason was 'cos my birthdate was incorrect per IRS records. I checked the stuff and checked my birthdate on the form, and it was right, so I was like WTF?!?!

Long story short, I ended up having to go to the Social Security office and file papers to have my birthdate corrected, because apparently they had had me listed as a year older than I am the entire time, for like nearly 30 years. The lady I initially talked to on the phone could even tell me the date my original SSI application was filed (1972 or 1973 or something) and it'd been like that all that time. What I don't know is whether SSI made a typo when they entered my birthday, or whether my father wrote the wrong year on the application.

Later on I thought well hell, maybe I shouldn't have changed it, I could retire a year early. Then I decided it was probably a good thing, it probably would have caught up with me some other time anyway and been a headache over something else. I thought it was kind of freaky that that error didn't turn up for so many years though.

Also, I wish I'd known that the government had me a year older than I was when I was a teenager and they changed the legal drinking age here from 19 to 21, because the incorrect year was the last year of people that got to buy booze legally at 19. You can bet if I'd known about the error then, I'd have capitalized on it. Heck, I probably would have tried to see if I could change my birth certificate to the previous year if I'd known about that at the time, heh heh. :)

Mr Atrocity said...

This is all good news, no? Wow, have a fantastic weekend revelling in it.

Remiman said...

4 OCTAVES! WOW, tres bien...very impressive.
I hope your check comes tomorrow.
I'm away for the weekend. (strawberries, chocolate and wine)

Margaret said...

i'm going to go buy e a splint, for the next time he gets a note home, brilliant!

oh, a congrats on the refund!

Churlita said...


It must have been good this time, because I just found out my money was deposited in my account this morning. Yea! Yeah, I remember when it changed from 19 to 21 here too. I had some friends who's birthdays were a month after the cut-off and man were they mad.

Mr Atrocity,

It's all very good news. I plan on having an amazing weekend, thank you.


Thanks. You are such a romantic. Your wife must be very happy with you.


Yeah, the splint (or maybe a leg cast?) would make you look like such an incredible disciplinarian.

Broinlaw said...

I don't know how you can be so happy when we've just lost the shining star that is/was Anna Nicole...


fringes said...

My refund was scheduled for today. It's not here. I am very sad. I wanted to buy two books. And some food.

Brando said...

I love the DU. Great picture.

That's really impressive on C's vocal range. Four octaves is a lot. My range is -3.5 octaves.

I would also recommend some frozen White Castles. Nothing says comfort like mini-cheeseburgers.

EEK said...

Poor, fringes!

My favorite comfort food is Thai food. I'm totally ordering it in tonight and pairing it with some delicious Thai beer (because I love themes). I've been thinking about it since eight this morning.

I love Fridays.

Churlita said...


I even thought about commenting on ANS's death, but I had no idea how to repsond to it - it's the same way I feel about her life.

I feel so bad. I was scared to look because I was afraid I'd be disappointed. Check later in the day, because some of my co-workers were told that there's wouldn't be downloaded until this afternoon. I have no idea why.


I'm not sure what a normal vocal range is, but I'm going to sit here and be proud no matter what.

MMmmm, White Castles. I know you can get those frozen in Iowa. Are they as good as they are when you get them from the restaurant?


Oh my god, that sounds wonderful. I wonder if I can get a Thai restaurant in town to deliver. I was also kicking around the idea of Indian food. I love themes too.

fringes said...

That's good to know! I'll keep checking. Maybe it'll be here before I get off work. Thanks!

booda baby said...

Yah, I don't like that 'false hope' thing either. I'd rather skip the hope and get straight to the reality.

egan said...

Are you able to run in those frigid temperatures you're enduring?

Sucks the teacher didn't get the fake email.

Churlita said...


I'm hopeful for you.

Booda Baby,

I really am into false hope. I've never been one much for reality. The world in my head is so much more interesting.


I haven't run outside in almost two weeks. We have a free facility at the University here that has an awesome, 200 meter track and I've been running there.It's better than nothing.

booda baby said...

Ha. Should've defined our terms. Your false hope sounds a lot like my reality; I think the hope hinges on all those people out there and the reality is all the happy shit I can put in order in my head.

Churlita said...

Booda baby,

Okay, good. Now we're kindred again.