Thursday, February 15, 2007

I Love My Sunny Day, Dream of Far Away

Damn! I’m sick again. I don’t know what’s causing my weakened immune system these last six months. It could be that I’m not running as much as I’m used to, and my toxins aren’t getting released, or it could also be all the leftover stress from the tornado and my inflated water bill and the fact that Blogger acts up on me almost every other night. Mostly, I think I’m spending too much time worrying about the possibility of finding out that Zha Zha (Zhazha, Zha-Zha?) Gabor’s husband did, in fact, sire Anna Nicole Smith’s child.

Whatever’s causing it, I had the flu two weeks ago, a bad cold right now, and I’m tired of being sick. I’m sure at this point, you’re all smart enough to see what I’m leading up to. That’s right – a big lame excuse to do a random thoughts post. Now, it’s at least thirty percent lamer, because Blogger’s out of whack again tonight, so I’m writing this all out on Word and I’ll be cutting and pasting tomorrow morning if Blogger’s working then. So, let’s start embracing the randomness, shall we?

1. February 14th was my mom’s birthday. Had she lived, she would have turned 75. I can’t imagine how she would look at that age. I do know that my daughters would have loved her. My mom would have introduced Coadster to as many cheesy Broadway musicals as she could handle. My mom would also have let Stinky draw and paint all over her walls and probably even do it with her.

2. Today is Dex’s birthday from Degrees of Grey in Iowa City. Feel free to stop by and show him some birthday love.

3. At work, we answer all the e-mails for our particular business, which means, we see a lot of Spam. Today, the ex-nun called out from her cubicle, “Hey, I got an offer for Viagra at $1.59 a pill. Can anyone beat that?” Sadly, the lowest offer on my Spam was $1.79, so the ex-nun won again. It’s got to be rigged, she has Jesus on her side.

4. The girls had a snow day on Tuesday. Of course, I still had to work. I don’t even think the threat of nuclear war would close our offices down. When I got home, I asked the girls what they did, and they said they watched two movies and had a dorked-out dance party in the living room. I was so incredibly jealous.

Now, I must go and open Blogger so I can flip it the bird.


Margaret said...

I want to have a dorked out dance party, I'm jealous too!

your ma and I have the same birthday

Hope you feel better soon, sick sucks..

Mr Atrocity said...

Have you tried drinking a mixture of grated root ginger, lemon juice, honey and hot water? It tastes fairly foul but it really helps aleviate the symptoms of a cold. Beyond that I suggest retiring to bed with a lot of blankets and as much good radio and TV as you can find.

Get well soon.

Dexter said...

Thanks for the shout out. I hope you can make it by the Dublin for one tonight.

booda baby said...

Oh, that was like a big fat whiff of the big, best childhood smell: snow days.

The genuine and official snow day was unparalleled in every way and I cut school regularly and religiously. What a great memory.

I'm really sorry about the recurring sick, but I like your analysis.

You will feel so much better when the next thing that strikes IC is a Disney cartoon and you're showered by notes and gold coins that, mysteriously, don't hurt when they hit and don't dent car hoods, and wonderful fountains of freeeee water, plumbing included, spring up at every corner except the ones where traffic's already bad.

Does anyone ever get the flu in 2D?

fringes said...

Bad Blogger.

Churlita said...


It was your birthday yesterday? Why didn't you say anything? Happy birthday! Did you do anything fun?

Mr Atrocity,

Thanks. I might try your drink. My ex-bourfriend used to recommend eating raw garlic, but then no one would want me at work, so yours sounds more practical.


I wish I could. Coadster had a choir concert tonight. So, I have to rush home and make dinner beforehand. I'll be there in spirit.

Booda Baby,

I never experienced the beauty of a snow day until I was 10. Now, I wish for snow days all the time - even in the summer.


I know. Blogger has been pissing me off so much lately.

Rachel said...

I am in the same boat with no snow days at work. We have to be here no matter what. I have been here 7 years and we have never had a snow day. We have been sent home a couple of times before it got dark if there was whiteout conditions and also closed early for September 11th.
Blogger has been bugging me a bit too but nothing too terrible.
Do you have a close the blinds and jump on the table and shake your bootie song? Mine is "ABC" by the Jackson 5.

Churlita said...


We didn't even close for 911.

Yes, I do, several, in fact. One is Madonna's Get into the Groove, and then there's Edwin Collins A girl Like You from the Empire Records Soundtrack and if anyone feels the need to give me shit about either song, they can just save it. I already know.

EEK said...

Snow days are the absolute best.

Brando said...

What is blogger doing that's annoying you? I haven't had any problems since I made the switch (knock on virtual wood).

My office hasn't closed since I've been here (almost 6 years). We had one 3-ish early dismissal a few years ago, but that's it.

Hope you feel better.

Lynnster said...

WordPress loves you. WordPress wants to be your friend. They even built a New Blogger post and comment importer just for you. I promise, I read somewhere, "This is for Churlita!"

Seriously, I hope you feel MUCH better soon. I feel your pain on the sick part this week and am finally starting to feel like something besides death warmed over twice again...

Remiman said...

Ok, Ok...I admit it. I sired Anna Nicole Smith's daughter. But it was with semen I donated 40 years ago and sold to Anna from e-bay. Now are you satisfied?
I'm coming down with some kinda shit today too! The only thing I hate wors than being sick is being dead.
I wish I could've met your mom!
Hospitals never get snow days either.
Your right about Blogger... 3rd attempt to post this comment!

Dante said...

Churly: Get well soon, but I honestly don't mind your random thoughts posts.

Churlita said...


I wholeheartedly agree.


Late at night sometimes, it won't let me post. I'll write a big long thing out and it won't let me add photos, and then when I go to post, I get an error message. Hopefully, if you post at a decent hour, you won't have those problems. I wonder if they work on stuff at night when less people are on.


I know. I know. And thanks for the get well wishes.


I knew it. Didn't I warn you about letting your sperm fall into the wrong hands? Wait. What did I just say? Forget it, let's talk about hospitals. When I worked at a clinic, we stayed open, but few patients ever showed during bad weather.


Thanks. Sometimes random posts can be a faster read.

Brando said...

They probably do their maintenence late at night. I tend to post in the morning or evening, so I haven't noticed it. I write all my posts in Word first, too, just in case.

Churlita said...


I'm learning that writing it out on word is the smartest thing to do.