Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I Feel That Ice is Slowly Melting

Hey, Lookee here, I'm embracing minimalism:

BAD: I tried cleaning the hell out of my computer as Booda Baby suggested, and it's still pulling the same crap. I'll try the Dell tech support tonight.

GOOD: With all the extra time I saved not obsessing on the internets, I was able to watch Wife Swap and Supper Nanny. I also increased my vocabulary, by reading my violent novel that's full of swears.

GOOD: The February thaw finally arrived and I spent as much time outside as possible.

BAD: The snow melting suddenly exposed the carnage of car wrecks and a season's worth of dog shit in my neighborhood.

GOOD: I've been able to run outside for two days in a row now. At some point both times, I've found myself thinking, "Dude. I am sooo high right now."

BAD: Uh, yeah. I can't think of one bad thing to say about endorphins.


Margaret said...

What was up with the men of the raw meat house and the angry tears? I love Wife Swap! It makes me feel so normal.

fringes said...

Q can probably help you. He's the greatest tech guy ever. Visit my blog for the link to his, then send him an email. I already let him know about your situation. He's glad to help.

booda baby said...

I'm so glad you found some crazy way to find good in the bad.

That's just mighty strange, that all the cleaning out and the spyware (Spybot rocks) removal and the disabling all the extra crap at start up that sucks all your system resources ... that all that didn't make your machine work. I guess that's why we buy stuff from companies we can call and insist they fix it. NOW.

I like my mac, but feel obliged to say it comes with its own set of problems and incompatibilities and little seize ups. I always figure it's the price I pay for being so stupid attached to computers.

EEK said...

Endorphins are pretty great. Who are you reading right now? Chuck Palahniuk? He's my favorite vulgar writer. I heart him.

Churlita said...


I love it that you love Wife Swap too. Why do they always make Iowans look like such freaks on TV?


Q is so nice. I'll try tech support first before I start bugging people I don't know, though. I may bug him eventually...


Once the girls move out, I may just go back to riding my bike everywhere and reading books by candle light.It would be so much cheaper and easier.


No, it's Cormac Mccarthy. So, it's not only really vulgar and full of swears - it's totally violent too.

fringes said...

Okay. Once you start choking those Dell reps like a prostitute, Q will be standing by. He's very good and his accent is cuter than the Dell people's.

Remiman said...

Yup I know. I havent run since last Friday. Jeez, I've got a marathon to run in May and I don't need this cold screwing up my training schedule!!!!!

NotCarrie said...

It better stay cold for a lot longer! I am NOT ready for spring.

Churlita said...


Q is sounding better and better.


I've been running everyday this week so far and it has been awesome. Good luck with the marathon.


I beg to differ. I am soooo ready for Spring.