Thursday, February 22, 2007

You're Not Welcome Anymore

Computer Update: Bob talked me through some maneuvers over the phone, all to no avail. He's thinking about what to try next and will get back to me.

I'm tired of talking about my computer. Let's talk about something else now. Last year about this time, I wrote a Dear John letter to my winter pelt. I thought it was goodbye forever, but I am a weak, weak girl.

A held out until sometime around Christmas, but then it got cold and my winter pelt came by with his sweet talking and his promises of extra warmth and comfort and I caved and let him in. And it was okay for a while.

Then I got so tired of him hanging on me all the time, so I finally was all, " Okay, I've had it. Get out! Just get off me."

Then my winter pelt was like, "Yeah, I've heard that before. How do you expect me to believe you, when you keep taking me back, year after year?" I knew he was right, so we've just been living together in silent resentment for the last few little whiles. Except, now that it's warm again and I've been running everyday, I've noticed his hold on me has loosened. He's finally letting go. I just hope that I can be stronger next year.


fringes said...

Send me your email, please. Thanks!

EEK said...

I'm glad you're breaking this negative cycle. I don't think your winter pelt respects you as a person.

Churlita said...


I'm heading over to e-mail you right now.


My winter pelt walks all over me.

Remiman said...

I'm glad your able to get out and run. Nothing scares the bejesus out of monsiur winter pelt more than regular exercise. If we lose you to the outside world because of Dell, i will personnally do Dell in!

Rachel said...

It is warm there? I am so jealous. We still have tons of snow on the ground.

David in DC said...

Don't Settle.

My Hungarian step-father's father used to advise him on this, in a thick Hungarian accent, whenever the topic of dating and compatability came up:

After vimmen and busses never run,
Alvays kum's anudder one.

Update it for the 21st century and for the gender switch and it's still very good advice.

Bice said...

I have one word for you. "I've missed you." Okay, so that's three words, four if you count the hyphen but you get the point. It's good to be back in your comments section.

Margaret said...

congratulations on making that pelt loosen it's grip... the pelt is an evil thing

booda baby said...

Is it working>

Churlita said...


Thanks. I will figure something our in the next week or so.


It was warm out, now we're getting a huge winter storm. I love the Midwest.

David in DC,

I love your step father's father's advice.


I'm so glad your back blogging. I missed you too.


It's not completely gone, it's just closer to being gone.

Booda Baby,

Not yet. Wah